Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Four Things From Birthday Weekend

Friday night football ^

Saturday birthday ^

On Saturday I turned 24. I was also the first person to say Happy Birthday to myself. McKay and I were sitting in our bonus room and I noticed it was after midnight, so I started singing, Happy Birthday to... and then McKay said, "That doesn't count Ali!!!!" But it so does. Another year closer to thirty. Awesome. And obviously I'm being sarcastic. Saturday morning, McKay let me sleep as long as I wanted and he stayed right in bed next to me. He always wakes up around six, so usually by the time I roll out of bed on a Saturday, he has been up for three hours (or like five if there's a 4am soccer game).  But last Saturday, he stayed! And I got to cuddle him. I forgot how good morning cuddling feels. It's my favorite. When I was awake enough to open my eyes, he told me to look around- and that's when I saw an envelope. In the envelope were two cards: option one and option two. Each scenario had a fancy dinner and an area in which to shop. He knows what I like. 
But again, I did what I always do to his cute plans and I tweaked them. I tried not to, but as I thought about it during the day (and was considering my options) I just began to get more and more conflicted. 
As I have been nesting with baby, I have really really wanted to get the house all clean and cute. Stress on the cute. And this month is one of those months that I have a list. A mental list. In my head...of all the things I need to get to complete certain rooms. Does that make sense? But obviously we're young and not rich and so I have to be patient. But I really didn't want to waste a hundred bucks on a fancy dinner when I could stuff. Is that extremely rude/selfish/old of me?

So then I thought of a really nice way to gently tell McKay that I would rather just get a sandwich for dinner, andddd he smiled and probably rolled his eyes a little cause he's used to it. He knows me. I put him in these predicaments all the time. Because really, I love fancy dinners. I love getting dressed up. And sometimes I just want a sandwich and a new blanket. You just never know. So thanks McKay for being so sweet and patient and loving me when I am a huge pain in the you know what. 

And like I said earlier, he painted too. So we left drying paint on our walls, dropped Jax off with my mom, and went shopping! The first place we went was Specialty's. It's my favorite bakery ever. I even like it better than the Utah ones and that is saying a lot. But it's better. We sat at a table and ate sandwiches and [the best] cinnamon roll and just talked. And when we were done with our food we just kept talking and didn't even want to get up. That was my favorite part of the entire day. 

When we were finally done, we started the shopping portion. Whenever we shop, McKay does one of three things: 1. he tries to be really patient while attempting to cover fury and then he goes to the Mac store and eventually we get mad at each other (this usually doesn't happen though if he eats) 2. he is really sweet and patient and perfect (this happens a lot!) and 3. he performs for himself through the art of comedy as we shop. As in- he mumbles jokes to himself that he makes up and makes fun of the things/people around him. Number three is risky- because either he's doing it purely humorously or he is doing it out of pure insanity- because he hates Anthropologie and me inside of it so much. On this shopping trip- he chose option three...funny with some tip-page on insanity. 

I laughed the entire night and it was the perfect birthday. I tell him all the time that he could never top last year (Wicked!) but I think he kind of did. Because all I really wanted was a night with my best friend and that's just what I got. Thanks McKay! I really really love you. You're the best!

Oh and he also did this:

He posted this on Instagram (and I don't remember what the caption said)! I don't have Instagram because I am still living in 2003 with my flip phone, but McKay does and he posted this. To all you PDA regulars, this is normal- but for McKay, it's not! So I loved this and I tried to not make it a big deal, so it wouldn't be- you know? But it was to me. Oh and another big deal was that at dinner, he told me that when he was painting, he was listening to a country song, and he thought of me and loved it. He was trying to explain it at dinner, and we figured out that it was "She Said Yes," by Brad Paisley. Love my PDA-ing cowboy of a man.


  1. looks and sounds like fun! and don't be afraid of 30's! they are the new 20's! the pics

  2. this is so dang cute!! i can't even handle it. what i sweet husband, and it sounds like you had an incredible birthday :) there really is just something about sitting and talking with that person you love to the point of you never wanting to leave, because it is so perfect.

  3. Awe such a cute photo he posted! SO glad you had an awesome birthday. You are so not close to 30! :)

  4. So sweet! You guys are the best couple. I love it.

  5. happy birthday ali!! and ps you have THE most PERFECT eyebrows;)

  6. Aliiiiii! Happy Belated birthday! Just catching myself up on your blog, omg, you're about to have a new baby! I can't wait to see him!

    This sounds like a lovely birthday! Tweaking plans is totally something I would do, hahaha. And you know what, I don't think it's selfish. I mean, on your bday, McKay probably just wanted you to have something that you really wanted! His shopping moods totally sound like Hunter, ha! Especially the comedic ones. Boys are so funny and really hate Anthropologie, huh?

    perfectly priya

  7. Another similarity- Hunter doesn't do PDA and especially social media type stuff. So, I would be pumped if this happened! I guess it means more that way...I don't have instagram either (neither does Hunter) so this wouldn't happen. But, yay! I get you!!

    perfectly priya


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