Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feels Like Fall

The weather is finally getting better. Lacie and I went to the beach today and it was kind of cold! It took me like 20 minutes to actually BE cold after walking myself up the hill, but when it was finally cold, it was cold and it made me so excited. (Babies were cold too, hence the crying pics. But still so cute! Jax loves her). Lacie brought lots of fun snacks and we just sat on a blanket and talked while the babies ran around and ate sand. Literally! We looked at Jax and he was actually using a shovel to eat sand! Lovely! But such a nice day. 

McKay finished painting the baby room for my birthday (more on birthday later). And just so everyone knows, he hasn't painted since like...July! So no (my family), he hasn't been painting like every week! ;) My grandpa calls him Michelangelo. I thought I would be sad when the stripes were all painted over, but I'm not even sad. I'm so excited to get the room ready for TWO little boys. Five more weeks (on Friday)! It feels like a brand new chapter. But it doesn't at the same time. Just like a brand new addition. I am so excited! And still no name. 


  1. Aw, I got so excited when I saw Gem and Jax together! I want to cuddle them both until they hate me for it!! Whenever you guys hang out I'm halfway full of jealous rage and halfway really happy that my girlfriends have good girlfriends nearby.


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