Friday, August 16, 2013

Just the Truth

This blog is full of empty promises lately. Promises to keep writing, promises to update, promises that things are finally getting back to normal. And then it just doesn't. Things have been crazy and things have been busy and just when it feels like it is slowing down, it doesn't. There is always just one more thing to do. And not like a grocery shopping or vacuuming thing...but like one more trip- they are big things. And I am done with big things. The big things of the summer are over. And we are home for good (except McKay who has one more little trip for work). But seriously, I am home.

I keep trying to begin a post, but always end up stopping because any closure with this summer I can come to sounds just, really depressing. I have a million pictures to post and lots of things to talk about and maybe some stories to tell- none of which I can think of right now. But really all I want to do is be a whiner about this summer. All I really want to say is, bring on the Fall! Please just let it be Fall. Fill my house with cold air and let me get cinnamon candles and make pumpkin cookies and pull out my Halloween decorations and go to my brother's football games and get our house ready for the baby. I can't wait for the Fall.

McKay and I spent a lot of our summer like this:

Face-timing. I went on two trips without him and it was really hard. And P.S. I know in the first picture it kind of looks like I am a little naked, but I promise it's just a naked belly- not nakedness above the belly... I had to show him how the baby was growing while I was gone. I had to put Jax to bed alone. Sometimes standing up. That might not seem hard- but it is hard when you're fat and pregnant and feel like you have to pee/sit down 24/7. But aside from the work parts of vacationing without husbands...I just missed my husband. It's 11:48 right now and I am on the couch and he is sleeping by my feet. He is not conscious, but he is there. If I need to talk or just have a hug or even just a pudding from downstairs, he is there. And that's how I like him. There. Not far away. Obviously I could be more mushy than this- but I am not in a mushy mood. As you can tell, I am more in a complain-y mood. 
So, onward.

This is my brother Chad and me. I had to say goodbye to him for the next two years this summer and I hated it. It was one of the top five worst days of my life. He is on a mission now and he is going to Brazil. Luckily, his visa didn't come. Sad for him, happy for me- because now I can write him every single day and send him lots of treats. Missions are long. 

I like my normal life. I am excited to have it back. I am excited for no more vacations. I am excited for the rain. I am excited to feel cold instead of hot. I'm excited to window shop for hours and wear Uggs to the grocery store and sweats all day at home (because right now it's so hot, I just wear my underwear). I'm excited to smell a newborn baby. I'm excited to cuddle with my two little boys. I'm excited to turn on my fireplace. I'm excited for Christmas music and Christmas decorations. I'm excited to snuggle with McKay at night, instead of backing as far away from him as possible, because I am too fat and hot. And I'm excited to sleep on my stomach again someday. 

The end.


  1. You and your brother look so similiar! Ali, you are a GORGEOUS momma and I'm so excited for this newest addition to your fam!!! Miss you, pretty girl!

  2. Sending brothers off is so hard!! I have to do it for the last time in a year or so and it is going to really stink. In other words you are looking fantastically pregnant and beautiful!! Your post made me so excited for fall, yay!!

  3. It's so hard saying goodbye to family. Hugs!


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