Monday, August 5, 2013

Twos and babies and birthdays (and Bachelorette)...

Our crazy summer is finally starting to slow down. We are home for good. FOR GOOD. And I think if someone offered us a free trip to somewhere incredible I would say NO THANKS! in about two seconds. I just want to be home. After New York we were home for six days and then back for a quick little Jax birthday (oh, and McKay's- I love you McKay!) and then we were off to the lake house- to stalk Chad and spend the little time we have left with him for the next two years. He is headed to the MTC this Wednesday. McKay's family is coming on Thursday- which will hopefully distract me from my little-brother-leaving-depression. He is going to Brazil, and people have told him he WILL get mugged. Every missionary does. I mean, every missionary does?!?!??!! Can it just be 2015 please? Anyways- I don't want to talk about that too much. We are staying positive and excited over here!

I have a two year old now- and he knows it too! We ask him how old he is and he says "twooo!" and holds up two fingers (sometimes he says one, and sometimes he holds up four fingers...oh and sometimes he holds up two fingers and says "peace"). Tonight we had family night about "nice language," with an emphasis on the word p**p. Except today, he started saying the word "dangit," and I don't quite know about that one. I brought it up to McKay who said So is that bad? And we both just looked at each other and shrugged. The baby is doing good. The baby kicks ALL day. Today at the grocery store, I could feel a knee or an elbow or a shoulder. I'm never good at being able to tell exactly what I am feeling. Sometimes at night he curls up right along the edge of my stomach and I can feel him right there. I cannot believe there is one more full month after this and then it will be October. We cannot wait. Sadly, I have not started my "nesting-" we are still in the eating-everything-and-sitting-around-reading stage over here! But after two trips with child(s) and husbandless, I am just kinda rolling with it.

So here's to the next week of lots of pictures and lots of updates! And is anyone else watching the Bachelorette?! I LOVE HIM! Sweetest proposal ever. Oh, and was anyone else's husband dying on the floor laughing and ruining the special moment? Mine was.


  1. You are a traveling machine! I posted a video today of my family distracting me from the sweet proposal moment....along with commentary from my brother and dad. (eye roll.)

  2. LOVED Bachelorette! So sweet!!

  3. amazing photos! Happy birthday to JAX!

  4. I have committed some deadly sin of blogging by never watching a single episode of The Bachelorette (or The Bachelor, for that matter). ;)

    But your family is precious! And I'll keep your brother in my prayers!

  5. Yes.... My husband mocks it continually while I watch....... Ticks me right off


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