Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We're Home! We're Home!

I feel like I have been so in-and-out lately. In-and-out of this blog and in-and-out of normal life. July is so insane and it's barely even started. We just got back from the lake and on Friday we leave on a family-bonding camping trip. It may surprise everyone that I actually like camping. I do! Because camping food is THE BEST FOOD. Campers stew (or tinfoil dinners, or whatever) are my very fave. When we get back from camping, we have like a week-ish or two and then Jax and I are going to New York with my family (not McKay- I'm so sad/scared). We are going to visit Cody's mission. It is clear across the country and I am DREADING- like literally almost have a pit in my stomach when I think about them- THE TRAVEL DAYS. How will I even survive on the plane? how? And the nights. That is what I am worried about- the plane and the nights. When we are on vacation, 95% of the time, McKay puts Jax to bed. He uses his muscles. The bouncing muscles. We have to bounce Jax to sleep every single night- and fat pregnant people with no energy cannot bounce babies to sleep every night for six nights. Those two things are putting a damper on the trip. I am just so nervous about them, I cannot even think about anything else. But I know it will be fun and we will meet people and have great experiences, yada yada yada and etc. But seriously. The travel days/nights. I'm scared. Oh and did I mention that we catch our plane at like 5am?

My projects before we leave are as follows:

1. Plan Jax's birthday party (because we come back the day-before)

2. Plan McKay's birthday (which is the day after Jax's) and make sure it's not a hand-me-down party like last year. 

Last year, for my birthday, McKay gave me the most perfect never-can-be-beat-by-anything-else-he-could-ever-do birthday. We got dressed up, went to a fancy dinner, and then he took me to Wicked. I tell him about once a month that he will never top that. He puts so much thought into special days for me, and I always just fail. I mean, I intend to make it perfect for him. But it NEVER works. I just put it off until the last minute and he ends up with a coupon book and a gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings (seriously- last year. so sad). So today I have been brainstorming like CRAZY. McKay's favorite things. The two things he told me he wanted for his birthday were boring: whey protein and workout clothes- so number one on my brainstorming list was food he would like. And then I realized- I don't know one place he would actually pick if he got to choose. He always lets me choose. 
So today, while doing the dishes, I asked him what his very favorite restaurant was if he got to choose. I told him how sad it was that he probably knew a restaurant I would love for every occasion (cheap, moderate, fancy)...and he did... and I didn't know ONE place he would choose. He gave me some ideas. He knew it was for his birthday. I am so bad at this.

Then tonight, while he was watching a soccer game, I sat on his lap and trapped him and insisted that he tell me some more things he wants. He said, I told you...just protein and workout clothes. Should I put them on my Pinterest? (lol) Then he added: And Ali I really want one of those As-Seen-On-TV there's this non-stick frying pan. I said: You seriously want a pan? You never even cook. That is the dumbest present. Then he said: Yes, to make omelets and crepes. Then I said: O...kay

And then he added this: 
...I still really want the Dog Dicer. 

Does anyone remember his list last year?

Let me remind you...


  1. Happy you made it home!!! :)

  2. hahhaha! that is seriously so funny. my husband just says nothing i dont want anything...-__- <--my face. birthdays for husbands are hard! good luck!


  4. hahaha, that dog dicer is the weirdest, most hilarious thing ever. good luck with planning friend, and don't worry things should be okay with your travels. :)

  5. I loved this post for many reasons, but most of all for the Dog Dicer.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA I remember the dog dicer from last year! That is so funny. My husband is the same way with restaurants (always doing/going where I want to because I might have a fit if we didn't) so I wouldn't know where to start, either. Husbands can be so tough with birthdays and holidays (I always having a running list on my phone of things he points out at the store)! Good luck!

  7. Hahaha! Hilarious. PS I am in New York right now. And I am moderately terrified because Tim is at work all day and I am out venturing by myself. I swear I almost died today. It is scary, so yes I feel you girlfriend!

  8. What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are lovely!


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