Thursday, July 11, 2013

You just got dumped.

Here it issss! One huge photo dump of all our lake pictures. This is one of those posts where you either write nothing (and let pictures speak for themselves) or you write a huge sentimental thing about how much you love your lake house and how much fun you had there and how much you love your family. BUTTTT, it's 1:35 in the morning and McKay just ditched me for our bed, so I think that I will return to this post later and describe our trip. Right now I don't want to write about our trip. Right now I want to talk about...


because I am laying on our couch and baby boy is rolling in my stomach and I am so happy that I can't sleep. When I was pregnant with Jax, I COULDN'T sleep. I would lay on this exact same couch (in Idaho) at 2am and have mommy-baby time with Jax. I didn't have school and I didn't have anything to do- so Jax and I would stay up all night together and then I would sleep in late and do the next thing the next night. And the next. This pregnancy is different because I can sleep. If I went to bed right now, I could fall asleep if I wanted to. I would have to knee McKay in the back a few times and re-adjust myself in weird positions- but I would eventually fall asleep. I just don't want to. I want to think about my boys.

Jax was hilarious today. The kind of hilarious that makes you a little delirious because you are so exhausted and frustrated, but your child keeps doing the funniest things and you just cannot stop laughing. This morning I got up and I just thought: oh no, this day is going to be hard. I woke up exhausted to Jax screaming in his room and it was just not very smooth. And then I tried to turn the day around by baking. Baking is always my fall-back. It's like- I'm too lazy to take Jax to the park or anywhere where I have to pack a bunch of crap in the car, I don't want to clean up watercolor paints or play dough- so we bake. Today we baked raspberry muffins. I found two recipes on Pinterest. I had to chose between them and I chose the wrong one. Omgsh, it was so gross. It's okay though- minutes after I chucked them, I found Jax eating them out of the garbage. Also, (this is the best) when McKay was home for lunch, I heard him screaming in the other room. Then he yelled "Jax! No! You do not put p**p on dad!" lolololololololol (I refuse to ever use that word on this blog). But how is that not hilarious? How can you not just laugh? You have to. You laugh or you cry. I laughed. I think McKay almost cried.

McKay and I have officially confirmed that Jax is in the terrible twos. And at this point, he can put tiny sentences together, count to ten, and shoot a basket, but seriously (and we honestly believe this) cannot grasp the meaning of the word "no." He does the complete opposite of the thing we say. And it's not like he looks at us with a smirk or a smile and does the opposite. He looks at us, with full focus and comprehension and then does the exact thing we just said "no" to, immediately after we say it. Obviously it's not funny when he's playing in the garbage or trying to plug something into the wall...but usually, McKay and I just look at each other and think, did that just happen? Did he really just grab a handful of food and put it in his hair? Is he literally sticking his hand in that cup and scooping out water onto the couch? And what can you do? You have to laugh. Because it's so frustrating, but at the same time you are looking at your little boy, thinking, he is the cutest thing in the entire world. And this is kind of funny.

I was skimming through old blog posts, and I saw one where I wrote about Jax cuddling me after his bath. He doesn't do that every time anymore and it's kind of sad. But, he has a new thing. Now he plays with my ponytail. When I carry him around, he wraps his arms around my neck and he plays with my ponytail. It's my new favorite thing. But today, an even MORE favorite thing happened and I don't want to ever forget it. Today I was talking to McKay, feeling a little overwhelmed. We all know I am a person who needs "breaks." Not the going-to-a-spa kind of break, but just periods of time where there are no vacations, no big plans- just normal life. Anyways, this summer has been crazy, as I have mentioned, and I was talking to McKay, sad, saying, I just miss our normal life. I was sitting on this couch and Jax was playing right by my feet, and he looked at me and said "Mom. Sad." And he came over to me and started stroking my face and my hair, so concerned. It was the best part of my week. I think it was the best part of my month. 

I love Jax. I love baby kicks in my stomach. I love McKay. And I love the twos. 

And now let's pretend this entire post was about the lake. 



  1. <3 you are so talented with your camera!!! :)

  2. These are amazing photos and you look great!

  3. wow are these photos cute!!
    your bump is adorable.
    here's to entering the terrible 2s! I'm right with you :)

  4. Lovely pictures!

    But more importantly, one of my favorite things about this age that our little ones are in, is that they're starting to understand emotion. It is so powerful and humbling and amazing to watch when Maile cries because "I so happy!" ... and that the cause of these tears is a ride on the carousel at the zoo. Or when a fat, frustrated tear rolls down my cheek, and she holds my face in her hands and says, "Okay, Mama. Okay, Mama." Terrific twos.

    1. So sweet. I totally agree with you. I love that- "terrific twos!"

  5. i adore your blog. it always makes me laugh! thanks for sharing.


  6. I know what you mean. I just posted a lake photo dump. There's just too much to say that the pictures can speak for themselves! Also, this is really cute. Your bump is adorable! So happy for you :)

  7. Gotta say, since you have gotten your new camera - your pictures are wowie! Love them!
    I am still dying laughing over Jax putting p**p in McKay's hair....

  8. Cutest story ever. Makes me so excited to have a little one! Your pictures are getting to be so amazing by the way. You're a natural!

  9. i love your posts!!!!!! i love your honest, and often hilarious reflections. love all these pictures, and i can't wait to see pics of your soon-to-be sweet family of FOUR! :)


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