Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Happy Post

Here are some photos of me doing my daily pregnancy yoga while Jax is napping.
kidding- I am really just sitting here, trying to decide between reading and watching TV...

I was scrolling through my blog, just now, and I realized that I have been just a liiiiiiiittle grumpy lately. And it's true, blogging is like my thing. I am happier when I do it. So why I sometimes use it as an outlet to complain about my husband and the heat and the farm or whatever...I don't know. I just like to sometimes, I guess. But today has been good. I had a doctor appointment and I heard the heartbeat again, which is always so comforting to me. No matter how much I feel the baby kick or move, I always get a little bit nervous before my appointment- I just need to know that everything is fine. The doctor kept talking to me, even when he put the monitor on my stomach. And right when I started to hear the heartbeat, I just stopped talking and tried to make it obvious that I wanted him to "shush." He kind of did. But it was so good to hear. At the gender ultrasound, the technician told me they might bump up my due date because the baby is measuring so big, but at this appointment, my doctor said it will stay the same. He also added the comment, "You have gained _____ pounds! That's _______!!!!!" I can't remember exactly the word he used...it was like "amazing" or "stunning" or something like that. But he said it in a way that it meant "umm wow... A LOT." Okay...I will just tell you guys. I have gained like 20 pounds. Is that normal? Don't even try to lie to me. I know it's not. Because I know the average weight gain is 35 pounds and the baby grows the most in the last couple months. So we can all just say "holy cow" in unison. 1....2....3..... say it.

But I don't even care, as long as I have a healthy baby. We give up our bodies for our babies right? Babies are better than good bodies. And many would say " you can have both!" but when you are 25 weeks pregnant you just can't. Well, I don't think. Don't tell me if you do.

After the doctor's appointment, Jax and I had a donut date and then we went to the petting zoo. We had to park kind of far away and had to go up two HUGE hills. There were so many pregnant girls there and we were all walking like sloths in the heat up and down the hills. Finally, we got to the animals and Jax was in heaven. He loves bunnies and goats and hated the alpacas. I kept watching other little kids with siblings and feeling so grateful that Jax would have a sibling soon. He so needs a sibling. I SO can't wait to have two little boys. October still seems so far away!


  1. I love your "yoga" pics! :) I have gained 20 too and I am with ya, don't care as long as this babe is happy and growing! :)

  2. You still look dang skinny and gorgeous to me so don't even worry about it! PS The visual of pregnant girls hauling up the hill in large numbers was hilarious to me.

  3. i just busted out laughing at the "walking like sloths in the heat up and down the hills" ...an amazing visual.
    You're pictures....you are so pretty, stop it! <3

  4. You do NOT look like you've gained 20 pounds. You look great! :)

  5. GIRL. I gained almost SIXTY pounds when I was pregnant fareal. They kept telling me I had gained a "ridiculous" amount of weight but B pleeeease, I weighed like 110 before I got knocked up, I NEEDED some weight on my bones. Anyways, don't feel bad. Normal.

  6. You are a gorgeous momma! By this time next year you will have tons of photos up on your blog of Jax and the baby sibling! How exciting!


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