Monday, July 1, 2013

Remind me never to be pregnant in the summer again.

How do people even live in the hot states? Holy cow. We are dying here. And we are just in Washington. It's probably only about 85. But that's hot when you have no AC and you are a fat pregnant person. Too hot. I just googled the weather and there is an "Excessive Heat Warning" for Washington. hahaha, kind of funny because it's not that excessive...but it is. Bring back our rain please!

I was pregnant with Jax in the summer too. We were in Rexburg, and he was due the end of July, so I was really pregnant in the summer. We had no AC there either. Most of the Rexburg people would go to Porter Park and lay out in swimsuits- but McKay thought my pregnant body in a swimsuit would scare children (SERIOUSLY!) so after McKay was done with class and work, we would go to the Nature Park and find a secluded area and lay there with popsicles and our ipods. I miss those days. I wish McKay could skip work and we could get popsicles and go to a park. And seriously, people here would not be offended by a pregnant body in a swimsuit. Everyone should witness Washington trying to dress for summer. A lot of awkward and just...a lot. of. skin. and buttcracks. and everything else you never want to see.

Since we Jax has been naked a lot, due to the heat, he constantly takes off his diaper. We noticed that he wants it off every time it gets a little wet. I didn't plan on potty training until he was two- but I thought he was ready. So I told McKay: We need to go get him a potty seat! So we got him one on Saturday and now we bring it everywhere with us. It's lovely. Yesterday, we had a birthday dinner for my brother at my dad's. We brought the potty seat. After we had carried all our stuff into the house (child, diapers, etc.) We put the potty seat in the kitchen-area. It's the most logical to me- because it's where he can see it, and there are hardwood floors. Anyways- we situated it in a corner with his diapers on top. Then my dad's wife said, umm what is that? And I had to say- It's Jax's toilet! your kitchen. She never had kids, so maybe it's weird to her...but other moms, where do you put it? I feel like the bathroom is too out-of-sight.

Anyways, in two days, we are off to the lake house...and I am COUNTING DOWN. I want to make a Pinterest Fourth of July dessert this year. And I am serious! Has anyone found anything cute? And hopefully that doesn't end up like all my other exciting ideas that really result in layingonthecouchdyingintheheat (aren't those so annoying to read? but they get the point across). Today, for example, I wanted to go get popsicles and run in the sprinkler in our yard with Jax. But guess what I'm doing right now? Not that. And Jax is still having nap time. #WE'REBORING


  1. Haley's sister-in-law here. Love your posts! I just moved from Atlanta to Seattle and I was totally making fun of everyone leaving Lowe's and Fred Meyer with fans and A/C window units the other day. But I am totally dying and going to go get another fan!! The heat is nothing compared to the south with it's humidity. But OMG the no A/C makes it 1000x's worse! So I totally relate to you on this post...

  2. Hahaha. Remember how I've been begging you to come visit? I retract that invitation. You'd die. It's been 115+ the last 4 days. And just FYI, I'm not sure if its worse being pregnant or having a brand new baby in the heat. Being pregnant you are swollen and miserable in the heat. BUT, you can swim or do whatever to cool off. Having the baby you can't swim and you can't take them outside or he'll fry....SO, yeah. No good time to have babies ;) anyway. Come visit in the winter ok?! Ha

  3. I had Jake in the middle of August and I live in Arizona. I live in the mountains, so we're about the same as you! Mid-80s with no AC and it was and is pretty miserable. Hang in there!

  4. wholly crow no AC?!
    We HAVE TO HAVE it here....our summer days are always 85 and above with 100% humidity and high heat indexes!


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