Thursday, June 13, 2013

Utah, We Love You!

Today I was supposed to clean our bathroom and vacuum the family room. We were also supposed to have the missionaries over for dinner, but they cancelled. I texted McKay and said Is is bad that I said 'yessssssss!' in my mind? I mean, of course it is! But tonight was one of those throw-in-a-Costco-lasagna-and-spend-the-rest-of-the-night-catching-up-on-shows kind of a night. And currently, I am sitting on my couch with two empty ice cream bowls on the floor below me and a sleeping husband, face-down and snoring. It's been a good night.
Two of our friends who were here this last weekend were Jason (one of McKay's best friends from college) and Jan (Jason's wife and my friend who I really wish lived closer to me). Jan told me something very interesting: (Jan correct me if I am explaining this wrong) BUT did you know that a person who is an introvert and a person who is an extrovert are not necessarily defined by their outward personality (like as in shy=introvert, outgoing=extrovert). They are actually defined more by the way they are rejuvenated and energized. So, in conclusion, I learned something about myself that I would have never guessed. I am totally an introvert. McKay is an extrovert (that I would have guessed). I love to have time alone at night. I would rather go to the mall alone then with people. I would even go to a movie alone! That sounds so fun and relaxing to me. I am such a loner and I never knew!
And now I am going to try to bring that tangent back to my original intention of this post: I just so needed a night alone (sleeping husband and all) to finish editing this pictures from our trip, get these posts done, eat some ice cream, and get on with my life post-Idaho/Utah trip. Is it weird to feel unable to document anything current because I haven't documented all of this? Because I totally do.

These photos are from our first full day in Utah. Jax had never been to the temple before, and so we knew we needed to go there. We got all ready that morning and left and then realized that it was cold outside. We had to walk straight through City Creek mall to get to the temple grounds, so McKay suggested that we just get sweatshirts (at least something for Jax) so we wouldn't be miserable all day. Trying to conserve the money I saved for "amazing Utah home decor," which I never found...I just said no, we'll be fine! We'll feel warmer when we are near the temple! But guess what, we got to the grounds and the sun started shining and we were WARM! It was perfect. We spent time walking around the grounds, looking at the flowers and teaching Jax about the temple and why it is such a special place. There are few things sweeter than watching your husband hold your little boy close as he talks to him about the temple. Jax was adamant about pushing the stroller all around, so we found a spot near the fountain where we could sit and let him just play. McKay ended up chasing him near the church office building and I just sat and stared at the temple and thought. And when I think back now, I don't even remember most of what I thought about- except that I am grateful for my life and I know that every single joy in it came from-or was extremely amplified by-being a member of our church. 

After the temple that day, we went to City Creek to shop, but we walked over a skybridge with a view of the temple. Just- walking around a mall, probably wanting things, feeling almost the opposite of the gratitude I had felt earlier I guess- and then seeing the temple. It made me think. And honestly, that's a really good place to stick a window. 


  1. wow! this photos are amazing! I love your new camera!

  2. i just love the temple :) it seriously is just gorgeous. every time i am having a bad day i go and sit on the benches by the church office building and just stare up at the temple. helps put things into perspective. lovely photos!

  3. Love temple square. P.s. did you know that jan and I went to high school together? Small world.

  4. i loved this post! You explained it perfectly! From one introvert to another, I'm glad to be home. However, we do miss you guys sOOOOO much!! You know we were meant to be friends when our 8 hour conversation had to be cut short because of the boys getting home! haha. Love you guys!

  5. your boots are cute als, you look great prego :)


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