Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Idaho Family Memorial Day Picnic

Memorial Day was my very favorite day we spent in Idaho with McKay's family. We woke up, got ready, and then drove to the funeral home to visit the place where McKay's grandma's (and mom's mom's) body is buried. It was the second time I had been there. I never knew McKay's grandma because she passed away while McKay was on his mission. But when we go to McKay's grandparent's house, my favorite thing to do it look at pictures and listen to stories about his grandparent's lives as they grew up. Even though I never knew his grandma, I imagine her as someone who is smart, musical, brave, funny, tough, loving, and "the perfect grandma," as McKay always says. Last time we visited Boise (the time before this last time), we went to visit McKay's grandpa at his house. He took McKay, me, Jax, and McKay's mom to a back room where he pulled out old projects his grandchildren had done when they were little and then a frame with a story written by his wife- the story of how they met. We looked at it together. That day, Jax was tired, so while McKay talked to his grandpa, Jax and I walked around the entry and looked at photos of McKay's grandma. I wondered if he remembered playing with her before he was born- and most of me believes he still probably does in some way- or at the very least feels some familiarity. We looked at pictures of her and I thought about her and tried to imagine what she was like. I think there are some people who leave their presence in their home- even after they are gone- and McKay's grandma, to me, is one of those people. And as looked at pictures, a name popped into my head. A baby girl name- which I later told McKay who said I love that name. And so after that trip, we had that name for our first baby girl. And that is yet another reason why I was so convinced this baby was a girl! (but it's really okay...we love boys!)
SO anyways, on Memorial Day this year, we spent some time at the funeral home, and then went to seriously-the-coolest-ever-park where we had a family picnic all together and I had this constant craving for Cheeto Puffs! And honestly- when you think about it (and look at them) they truly are the most disgusting, artificial things ever. BUT I loved them and I ate a ton and then after that we went to the mall where I got a Cinnabon! What the.
At the park, McKay tried to teach Jax to roll down the hill. Jax ran wild and free and was not intimidated at all by any of the other little kids. He was even brave enough to enter himself into a game and try to steal a few balls! Then he ran back to the blanket, where his "Papa Jojo" would refuel him with some Squirt so he could run wild again. Grandparents really are the best.


  1. I also believe that people leave their presence in their home. I know my Mom did. :)

  2. You'll have that baby girl some day <3 Jax's hair is so cute! Also I craved cheeto puffs when I was pregnant too! (and everything else bad for me...). I want to see your bump :)

  3. I have been thinking about Grandma so much lately. I started watching Long Island Medium on TLC and I am totally convinced that my grandma is hanging around each of us still. She was a sweet lady (definitely the perfect grandma like McKay says) and she would've loved you!


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