Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Farm

I will be totally transparent and say that this was my grumpiest experience of our entire Utah trip. And hopefully this next thing I say will not be offensive to any Idahoans or Utah-ers, but I HATE Idaho/Utah air. It is so dry it makes me just want to die. And to prove that my sinuses were like shriveling up I actually had two nosebleeds right when I got home, and I NEVER get those. One of them happened when I was loading the stroller into my trunk at the beach while cars were waiting for me and watching me. So embarassing. But, Jax and I were born with Washington noses. We need the humidity of the Washington air. Jax woke up the first two nights in Idaho barely able to breathe out of his nose, and I spent the entire trip feeling stingy in my eyes and nose with an almost-headache. This day was one of the worsts. You know when you have that feeling that you need something to just make you feel better, but you don't know what it is. That happened on this day. I thought that going to the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point would make me feel better. It's like this huge pretty home decor store and I thought it would be distracting. So, McKay drove us to Thanksgiving Point. But then we saw the petting zoo farm and McKay we thought it would be a good idea to take Jax (I was enthusiastic at first). But soon after we paid and got inside the farm with the desert wind and the animals and their smells I wanted to leave. So then I became grumpy. Hence, the photos of McKay entertaining Jax and being the only fun one. In the last photo, I think we were trying to make him smile. But he didn't want to sit on my lap at all. See, I'm all about transparency here.
But on a positive note, I really do love these photos of Jax and McKay. They are two pretty cute boys. Also, Jax loved this place and had his first ride in a carriage!


  1. The air in AZ killed my nose. It cracked and bled and took a month to heal. Too hot, too dry for this WA girl. Cute pics!

  2. Man, I seriously can't remember the last time I had a nose bleed. 4th grade?

  3. ALI! I miss you!! I cannot believe you're pregnant again...this is SO exciting!!! :)


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