Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Um, hi...?

Photos from the Farmer's Market last week

Hi. Remember me?
Well, I am still alive! Currently: sitting here on my couch, Jax having just finally fallen asleep. The baby is kicking my laptop on my lap. And I don't even know where to start.
I keep thinking about blogging about our Utah trip, our Idaho trip and the last two weeks- but every time I even think about starting, I move away from my laptop and distract myself with other things. So I decided I am going to do it slowly, piece by piece. The pictures up there are photos from last Wednesday when it was sunny and pretty and we went to the beach! Washington Farmer's Markets are not like Idaho's. It's sad. There aren't boxes of yummy peaches and fudge and seasoned corn on the cob. There are like gluten-free brownies (disgusting- we sampled), and homemade soaps and lots of different kinds of nuts. Even the cake pop that Jax is holding in his hand up there tasted kind of weird. I am so not not a trendy seattle hippie. Just bring me some fudge and corn slathered in mayonnaise please!
Off-and-on since Wednesday we have had three friends staying with us. Two of them are friends from college who are married and one of them is another friend of the boys'. Today the boys are all at the World Cup qualifying game in Seattle. Us girls (and Jax) are just hanging out at home. Can I just say how nice it is to literally lay on my couch and not move? so. nice. I think my pregnant body is worn out. Correction: pregnant, fat body. And that was not a fishing for compliments comment, seriously, I swear. Side note: On Saturday I did my cousin's hair for prom. Side-side note: I figured a really easy but semi-trendy pregnant outfit. So, you know how the cropped shirts are everywhere right now. So not obviously-ideal for pregnant women. BUT, what I do, is take a maxi skirt, hike it all the way up to right under my (you know) where it still semi-fits and then put a cropped shirt on. Outfit I wear about four times a week. Anyway, I was doing my cousin's hair for prom, wearing that outfit. My brother (hopefully still just socially not-knowing-what-to-say-to-girls after his mission) looks at me up-and down. Then he says this: Do you know that you have like two rolls in your back. Like one where your underwear are and then one up higher? Um. Can we please all just remember the many quotes that go something like this, but said with much more flow and imagery: "A fat pregnant body is beautiful because there is a baby growing in there."
The baby kicks all the time now. I still can't tell if McKay can really feel him (or her- still not convinced...) or not. The other day, my cousin needed to borrow some exercise clothes. Of course mine were easily accessible- just kidding. They were actually in a heavy storage bin on the very top shelf in our garage. I thought I could still get them though, so I climbed on top of the lawnmower and started inching the box towards the end of the shelf. Then I realized it was heavy. But I got it down and it didn't hit my stomach. After that, we went swimming at my grandparent's house, but I was worried. I hadn't felt the baby kick since I got down the box. I talked to my mom and grandma for reassurance, who asked me if I had started bleeding or anything like that- I hadn't. And later that night, I felt the baby again. I had forgotten how much worry comes with pregnancy. I remember sitting in bed with McKay, pregnant with Jax, crying because I hadn't felt him and had done something that day that could possibly have hurt him (ran into the counter, wrestled McKay, tripped, etc.) and then always, after a while, I would feel him kick and be fine. For this story, there is really no point. Just another thing I want to remember about my life when I was 21 weeks pregnant and really tired on a Tuesday.
I kind of like being pregnant. Even if I do have two back rolls and am worried all the time and cry during every commercial that is only sort of touching. I honestly do. After most commercials, McKay turns around and looks at me (because he is usually on the floor and I am on the couch) and I look at him with watery eyes and then I smack him.


  1. haha my husband does that same thing - looks over at me to see if i'm crying!

  2. I love the crop top/maxi combo look!
    Glad to hear you're doing well :D

  3. this pics are beautiful!
    glad to hear the baby is kicking and everyone is happy :0

  4. Hahah I am not even pregnant and I cry at commercials and smack Chris when her rolls his eyes at me. Yikes, I don't even think I want to know me when I am actually preggers!

  5. I love your cropped shirt idea! Way to be creative :)

  6. Wow sounds like you guys have been super busy! It must be wonderful to get a little down time. Brother comments are always the most honest, aren't they? I know when I'm wearing something really weird if my brothers bring it up, like "Uhh...what are you wearing?". But they still ask for my fashion advice so I know I haven't totally lost it!

    perfectly priya

  7. "and then I smack him" ... :)
    Seriously I think if we lived closer we'd be besties. HA.
    Write for you, not to please other people. I LOVE all of your posts because you're honest and you're keeping track of where you are in life.
    Also, I will always choose real fudge over "gluten free" anything.


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