Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today I woke up feeling terrible. We were up way too late last night so I woke up with a headache (and as always) the nausea. Since we have guests right now, I tried to shower before you woke up- but soon after, got sick in our bathroom and only got as far as bronzer and my pajamas. You were wild this morning. First you wanted to play "ball" and then you wanted a bath, and then you wanted to keep taking off your diaper, and then you wanted to eat. Finally, I just let you run around naked and brought a muffin upstairs from the kitchen to feed you for breakfast. You were mad at me because I would only give you pieces. You wanted the entire thing, but I wouldn't let you. I turned on Baby Boost and you sat and watched as I shoved pieces of muffin into your mouth. Suddenly, you were calm. You were changed and bathed and fed and naked and watching Baby Boost next to me; perfectly content. And I was feeling like I wanted to just die. But then you stood next to me on the couch and wrapped your arms around my neck and pressed your cheek on mine and I instantly felt better. All the pain and sick feelings completely went away! I wanted to make sure that I was right about your magic hugs- so I told you to hug me again and the same thing happened. Everything went away! So then I sat you on my lap and I said "Jax, you know how mommy has been sick?...Well, did you know that your hugs make mom feel all better! They are like magic hugs!" And by then you were arching your back, trying to get off my lap and onto the ground. But just so you know, your hugs are my cure!

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