Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I guess we will just tell you!

Jax is going to be a big brother!

We found out the beginning of February and we are so excited. I am fourteen weeks on Friday and still sick. Blah. But it's not thattt bad anymore, I have to admit. I can't believe it took me so long to announce it. I really wanted to just do it in a cute way. In a non-Photobooth-pajama-gross-hair way at least...? But, this is my reality right now, so we will just go with it. And I want everyone to know! Don't worry...I didn't need a blog break, we didn't have a family catastrophe, I don't hate my blog now, etc. etc. I MISS MY BLOG. But I am one of those people who, when sick, refuses to do anything (except take care of Jax- and still, some mornings have resulted in a call to my mom begging, Can you please just come get him?!?!?!!!)


So, for a quick update on the last month and a half, here are some little parts of my journal and Jax's blog:

February 7th
Today, we found out we were pregnant with baby #2! I don’t even know where to start. For a while now, I have been feeling like it’s time…and for about a month, McKay has been feeling like it’s time... It still feels too-good-to-be-true. But then again, it doesn’t. It feels so right. It feels like it’s time. It feels perfect. But I just keep thinking I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I am actually pregnant! And I want to take 100 more tests just to make sure!... I love my little family. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. So blessed, so undeserving. Just so so so blessed. I mean, is any of this real?!!

March 4, 2013

It’s 1:41 in the morning and I really REALLY should be going to bed. I kind of actually want to puke right now. I started feeling really nauseous at the beginning of this week. I felt it a little bit before- but really started to the most on Monday, on the way to my dr appointment. Now, I hate all foods- except for random things I am craving at the moment…Jax needs someone to play with. He still goes to bed so late, so I feel guilty every night because I feel like he spends the last few hours of the day watching our shows with us or with us just on our computers. It’s so dumb and I feel so bad, but I am so exhausted, I don’t know what to do. ESPECIALLY now…I want to get our house all cleaned and comfy too, but I just don’t have the energy. I can’t wait until I feel better. I am so excited though. Oh, and I hate my boobs.
1:48 and going to bed. Goodnight!

March 8th
...Every morning I get Jax's breakfast and I put him in his highchair to eat it. I either hurry and feed him and then go to the chair, or I give him finger-food and then I go to the chair. I eat my breakfast in the chair. It's our big, brown chair-and-a-half in the family room. It's my favorite chair in the house- so I take my cereal there and I lean against the back and force myself to eat and not puke. Meanwhile, Jax chucks his food on the ground and whines for "naaackssss" (fruit snacks). Today I just gave him some. A few days ago, I felt really guilty about all the Baby Boost and fruit snacks. Now? Whatever. Four months of TV and fruit snacks won't hurt him.
Anyways, this morning while he sat in his high chair and I sat in my chair, I was thinking that I must be going through the hardest. One kid has to be the hardest. You have to completely entertain them. When I have two kids and am pregnant, Jax can entertain the younger one, and even help a little bit. When I have three kids, the older two can help the younger one, and so on. Right?

I just want the 26th to be here. I am so excited to see the heartbeat. I know it's real, but seeing the heartbeat just makes itmore real. I can't believe we still have so long to wait. I am nervous about the next two weeks. I read that weeks 8-10 are the worst. blahhhhhhhhhh...

March 17th
...I have been craving my favorite breakfast (waffles, crepes, or french toast with berries and whipping cream). I woke up Saturday morning to the LOUDEST sound. Mornings are still the hardest. I wake up with an empty stomach, feeling nauseous, and know that I will have to walk into the kitchen (barf) and choke down something while forcing myself not to puke. So I was a little frustrated when I woke up Saturday morning to an electric saw being used in our kitchen. That's what it sounded like. It was SO LOUD. I whipped off the covers and walked downstairs in my underwear, only to find McKay using a hand-mixer in a glass bowl, making whipping cream for my breakfast of crepes and berries.
I felt so stupid, but still was so angry, so I said "Whattt are you doing?!?! That is so loud!"It was like one of those things that was already going to come out of my mouth, due to the frustrated pressure (or something like that). Then McKay said, "I'm sorry." AREN'T I SO MEAN?!...I keep feeling like the baby is a girl...

March 18th

What Not To Do When Your Wife Is Pregnant:

1. Leave an entire stick of butter on the counter, greasing and melting in the kitchen for four days

2. Buy a tub of artificial pulled pork that you see on the gross commercials and keep it in the fridge front and center in the middle shelf

3. Keep old BBQ ribs in a Cool Whip container in the fridge

4. Keep a glass with 1in. of orange juice in the fridge for so long that it has separated

5. Change your son's #2 and leave it on the ledge at the top of the stairs, causing your wife to puke after she throws it in the garage

6. Give child wife's toothbrush so when wife brushes her teeth there are cracker crumbs mushed in the bristles

7. Play basketball and throw your sweaty ball of clothes onto the bathtub and leave them there

8. Face your wife and breathe while sleeping

March 25
...Also, today (technically yesterday) I showered. McKay bought me a new sponge Saturday that was very brand new and rough. It felt so great to scrub about five days of unshowered skin. While I was scrubbing, I was picturing like a dirty hospital patient being scrubbed down, or a dirty animal or something like that and I felt so newly-clean. And today after church, McKay stared at me and said this:
"I love makeup."

March 26th, The Ultrasound
...I was really really nervous when I got into the room. I have been reading a lot of pregnancy forums online and read some stories about sad pregnancies- so I was really really nervous about the heartbeat. Dr. Sharmahd came in and put me at ease! He talked about the lakehouse and asked all about my pregnancy with Jax (which was fun because I love to talk about pregnancy!) and he even quizzed McKay about "How many Deacons are in a quorum?" Then he asked me to scoot down and began the ultrasound. He asked us if we could see the baby and we both looked at each other, because the screen was turned around! Then the Dr. turned around the screen and we saw our baby! Our baby moved right away and put its little fists up by its face and wiggled a lot! We both just kept saying "oh my gosh!" and "look!" and "Did you see that?!" And we could not stop smiling! And McKay was the first one to see the heartbeat! I think he pointed it out to me even before the doctor did. He knew how worried I was. I even cried a little bit because I am so happy that we have a healthy little baby who is growing and moving. McKay kept calling the baby a "he" and I kept correcting him because I still think the baby is a girl! I would be so excited to have a little boy too though. I still think little boys are the funnest (it's a word)! Jax has been cracking us up every day and lately we have just been sitting on the floor watching him and dying at how funny he is.

After the ultrasound we went to Karl's Bakery- where I used to go with my mom sometimes after Ballet. It was so good and we think we are going to make it a tradition to go there after appointments. It was fun to have a little mini-date with my guy. I have missed him lately. Plus, I have been really mean to him (prengnant-mean).

When we got to the Boulevard, I started thinking about pepperoni beef jerkey and I started to crave some, so we stopped at the deli and I got two huge sticks. I ate one and gave Jax one, and then I wanted MORE. Could I be any grosser? So we had to go back and get two more and now I hate them.

When we got home, I compared the baby's ultrasound photos with Jax's. They look so different! Jax's ultrasound was at 8 weeks and two days, and today I am 10 week and four days and it's amazing how much more we could see this time. Jax looked like a tiny little tadpole with a little head and a little body. Today we saw a body, head, moving arms and even four little fingers in a fist! When I was looking at the pictures, I also realized that Jax was conceived "on" October 18th and this baby is DUE October 18th! October 18th is our lucky day!


and now you're all updated!


  1. AWWWW CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so super exciting!!!! And I hope you get a little girl, too. I mean obviously another little boy would be amazing as well, but...maybe I'm just living vicariously, when we have kids I want a boy and then a girl ;-D Either way that's awesome and I'm so happy for you!

  2. Ali! So glad you are back to blogging. I started to get suspicious that something was up when your blog hadn't been updated in a while. ;) Congratulations! So excited for you guys!! :)

  3. Congratulations! Jax looks so smilie!

  4. Awwww congrats!!!!! Such wonderful news. :)

  5. YAY!!
    Congrats! That is so exciting!

  6. congrats! so happy to see you blogging again! :)

  7. oh yay! this is such happy news! it sounds hard though- being sick and still having to take care of a kid. that is what scares me so much...i think about having to take care of a kid when i was so sick and i want to die! so props to you. hope you start feeling better sooN! can't wait to find out the gender :)

  8. I was wondering where your posts were! thanks for the update, and congrats girl!! a growing family is in our future as well... I wanted to say near future, but maybe not that near. But near enough that I can say that, ANYWAYS, your blog always makes me laugh, your such a perfect blogger and I am excited to see this new little walker baby!

  9. Your mom spilled the beans to my mom when they ran into each other! I wanted to wait to say congratulations, though! love you!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh my gosh congratulations!!! Hahaha I'm so glad you didn't stop blogging because something bad had happened! Hope you start feeling better soon so you can keep updating us (selfish much?) :)


  11. woohoo! ali you are just the cutest mama!
    i hope your pregnancy continues to go well! i'm scared that i'll be sick all the time when i get pregnant but we'll see. that's not for a while anyway :)
    CONGRATS pretty mama <3


  13. Congratulations!!! What a blessing!

  14. you're back! you're back! i'm so glad! i was wondering where you had went : ) CONGRATS!!!!!! i can't wait to hear more about the new babe! i hope you start to feeling better and the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly!

  15. That's so great!! Congratulations! I was worried there for a bit when you weren't bloggin like the norm. I'm glad you're doin ok! So fun that you're havin another little one. :)

  16. congratulations Ali (& McKay & Jax)!!
    that is wonderful news.
    I've been missing your blog!

  17. Congratulations!!!! :) That is so exciting!!!

  18. congrats!! so exciting! that's so neat about the date!

  19. yayyyy!!! I was so worried!! but now I am SO EXCITEDDD!!! I think its a girl too :)

  20. Doll, Gavin is going to be a big brother in Ocober too! In fact, we have the same due date! woohoo!

  21. Congratulations on baby #2! That is exciting news. :)

  22. Congregations!!! Glad your back!!! It must be in the air we are expecting our second baby too!! How exciting! Can't wait to see more posts!!

  23. Congratulations! So exciting!

  24. yayy!! I've been hoping for this!!

  25. Ali! It's so good to see you back! I figured it was something exciting like this! Congrats!! My goodness, reading these entries is a very real look at pregnancy. Yikes! Hope you're feeling better these days!

    perfectly priya

  26. i think i just squealed like a 13 year old at a justin bieber concert!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! i was wondering "where is she, what the crap...i bet she's pregnant".
    I'm so happy for y'all!
    Can't wait to hear more of the journey...already loved reading what you wrote!
    I've missed you!

  27. Congrats on the new addition!! :) You've been missed. Glad to hear you're back.

  28. CONGRATULATIONS, ALI!!!!!!! what a blessing!!!!! loved reading through your entries - so exciting...i hope you feel better soon!

  29. Yay!!!! Congrats!! So exciting!!! I missed your posts!! I am 16 weeks!

  30. Ali!!!!!! How fun and exciting!!! I'm so happy for you guys! I cant wait to find out the gender! You would have the most stylish little cutie pie ever. But a boy--- you make those very handsome. Another Jax? Yes please. Cool beans. (haven't said that since jr high.) Hope you feel better soon. I love how honest your writing is. You always make me laugh. Which I needed today, so thanks! hahahaha about getting mad about him being loud with the blender. totally something i would do. Dan would probably hold it against me and never do something nice for awhile. He'd be like "remember that time when I tried....and you......" yeah yeah hun. Whatevs.

    Can't wait to see your baby bump grow! Congrats again! I always wanted an October baby. Like, real bad. Oct is my very fav. Lucky Duck!

  31. congrats Ali!! so excited for you and little Jax looks excited too!

  32. Sooooooo nice to have you back!!!!
    And YOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =))))))))))))
    Hope the sickness will go away soon!! =))))

    how exciting! was wondering where you'd got to!! such great news, cant wait to read all your updates and see your bump progress! i didnt find your blog/start following you til after you'd already had Jax, so I missed all the lead up!
    hope you start feeling better soon!


  34. omg!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!!!



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