Friday, March 8, 2013

Blog Takeover: Pregnancy

Dear Jax,

You are so excited about the baby. You can say "bee-bee" and you kiss and hug my belly all the time. The new baby is still mostly a secret, so I am borrowing your blog today for the baby.

Today I am eight weeks. We have spent a lot of mornings lately sleeping in bed (in Jax's case, talking in his bed until I get up and get him), eating toast and cereal, and watching Baby Boost. I just can't make anything more than toast or oatmeal for Jax. Every morning, I want to puke. I actually almost have the past few mornings. Yesterday, mom came and got Jax. She has had Jax two days so far. I would say that's pretty good for being pregnant for eight weeks already. We don't get to hear the heartbeat until the 26th, and I am a little bummed, but it will make it even more exciting.
So far, I have gained about five or six pounds. For the first six weeks, I didn't really feel sick at all. It was so nice. At about seven weeks, I started feeling kinda not-normal...but nothing bad. In the past week-and-a-half, I have been a little more nauseous. Some days are really good. Two days this week were really good. We ran errands and went shopping and it was great! Yesterday and today are not so good. Food needs to be completely out of my sight or I want to puke.
Yesterday, I was craving potato chips, so I had McKay go get some on the way home. I only wanted six chips at a time, so he had to keep running up and down the stairs to bring me "six more chips," (I thought seeing the whole bag would make me nauseous). Finally, he just brought the whole bag up and stuck them in the closet by the bonus room so he wouldn't have to keep going up-and-down. I didn't really mind, and actually went to the bag by myself to get my own chips. Then this morning, I woke up and saw the bag and dry-heaved. I don't think I'll ever eat chips again. That's what has happened the last two weeks- I crave something and then I hate it. I even hate strawberries now. How sad.

These are the things I have craved: Fruit, potato chips, cereal, toast, smoothie, ice cream, bubblegum or cotton candy popsicles (which NO ONE has), vegetable soup, grandma's raspberry pie, breakfast with berries and whipping cream, and Jax's kisses (not McKay's, because for some reason I am really really sensitive to his breath- which I remember being pregnant with Jax also). sorry babe.

Still, this is nothing close pregnancy with Jax (in the sickness department). So far, I have not puked. Only wanted to. I can get up off the couch if I need to. I can eat and drink most of the time. Forcing it is not complete torture. I haven't lost like 25 pounds. I can run errands, etc.

Every morning I get Jax's breakfast and I put him in his highchair to eat it. I either hurry and feed him and then go to the chair, or I give him finger-food and then I go to the chair. I eat my breakfast in the chair. It's our big, brown chair-and-a-half in the family room. It's my favorite chair in the house- so I take my cereal there and I lean against the back and force myself to eat and not puke. Meanwhile, Jax chucks his food on the ground and whines for "naaackssss" (fruit snacks). Today I just gave him some. A few days ago, I felt really guilty about all the Baby Boost and fruit snacks. Now? Whatever. Four months of TV and fruit snacks won't hurt him.
Anyways, this morning while he sat in his high chair and I sat in my chair, I was thinking that I must be going through the hardest. One kid has to be the hardest. You have to completely entertain them. When I have two kids and am pregnant, Jax can entertain the younger one, and even help a little bit. When I have three kids, the older two can help the younger one, and so on. Right?

I just want the 26th to be here. I am so excited to see the heartbeat. I know it's real, but seeing the heartbeat just makes it more real. I can't believe we still have so long to wait. I am nervous about the next two weeks. I read that weeks 8-10 are the worst. blahhhhhhhhhh

Jax you're going to be a big brother!!


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