Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blog Takeover: Pregnancy

I'm sitting here on the couch, blowing bubbles with gross bubble gum and Jax is watching Baby Boost. Story of our (his) life. I feel so bad. But I literally cannot do anything. This weekend we went to Laci's birthday party, so he got to play outside, and on Sunday he got to play with the girls too. He has been perfect. In the mornings, I have been lying in bed for about an hour- working up the courage to go into the kitchen and be around the food- and not puke...and Jax will play in his crib for a HOUR- just talking and playing. Usually our morning are like this-
Jax wakes up
I wake up
We lay in bed
I get up and get him
I put him on the couch or in our bed and go to the kitchen to get him food (for some reason it's easier to just rush down there by myself instead of bringing him and hauling him back up)
Then I feed him whatever I can stand (today it was yogurt and cheerios)
Then we go in the bonus room. Sometimes we read, but always, eventually, we turn on Baby Boost
By this time, it is about 11:00, so we wait an hour, and then dad comes home
And that is the end of me having to feed Jax meals!
McKay feeds him lunch and forces me to eat something
Then he goes back to work
Then we lay around and take naps
Then McKay gets home

Yesterday I threw up for the first time. Lovely! It was in the morning, so it was pretty much nothing. But still, this is nothing compared to Jax pregnancy. I told McKay today that I feel like such a baby, because I know everything I'm feeling is so normal. I know lots and lots of girls feel this. To me, this is normal morning sickness. With Jax, it didn't feel normal. But this does- tiredness, nausea, headaches, etc. I have no cravings. It's more like what I can tolerate. Last night, I felt like I could tolerate poptarts- so McKay went before work and got me some. He got me a Redbox too, which I can't wait to watch when Jax takes his nap.

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