Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Life

We fed the ducks today!

I have been gone for a really long time. It's because of my new bedtime.
McKay makes me go to bed at 10:00 now. TEN O'CLOCK. How am I supposed to ever blog if I have to go to bed at ten? It's because of our new life. Our new, organized life. Ever since McKay got a Y membership, he has been so organized. And this is a man who already walked around with a Moleskin planner in his back pocket and feverishly wrote tiny notes in microscopic handwriting throughout the entire day. But now his day is even more scheduled. And as a result, so is mine. I used to go to bed at two in the morning. It was so nice. I stayed up for three more hours than McKay and laid on the couch and just relaxed. Then I slept in until 9:30 in the morning, and just as I was stretching, Jax would wake up and we would happily begin our day. The problem was that our day (the part after we had eaten and gotten ready, but before we had to start making dinner) would end up being like three hours. 
We we knew we had to change something. And now, we have a much more organized life.

Our day (ideally):

5:30am McKay wakes up, goes to the gym
7:00am McKay gets back from the gym
7:30 McKay wake up Ali attempt #1
7:50 McKay wake up Ali attempt #2, McKay leaves for work
8:14 Ali wakes up, showers
9:00 Jax wakes up
9:15 Ali & Jax eat & Ali cleans a little
10:30 hopefully Ali & Jax are bathed and ready by now
10:30-4:00 do what we want/clean (but no blogging because Jax gets mad)
4:00 make dinner
5:00 McKay comes home, we eat
6:00-8:00 McKay does his stuff (learning computer languages, etc.) (this is a new thing)
8:00 Family time, (Bachelor time on Monday)
10:00 We go to bed


I know it would seem like I sleep for ten hours. But when I force myself to go to sleep, I actually don't fall asleep until like 3am, and then I have weird stupid dreams for the rest of the night. Therefore, I wake up exhausted and feel weird for the rest of the day. 

I know it would seem like I have time right now. Because obviously right now, at 7:46pm I am blogging. But the only reason I am blogging is because McKay has scouts tonight. And I made him take Jax with him so I could BLOG. 

the end.


  1. hahaha i love your passion for blogging. me and jerry go to sleep at 10 too. but only because we're lame students and wake up at 6 to get to school by 8. laaaame.
    the suckiest part is that im like you and i have a hard time falling asleep unless im really tired. usually it takes me at least 20-30 minutes. sometimes even 90 minutes. those are the worst. and hubby dear just knocks out in literally 2 minutes. what the heck?

    The DayLee Journal

  2. Jax looks adorable!! :) Love his little leather jacket.

  3. Sometimes you just need time alone :D

  4. Hehehehe.... I secretly want to have your organized days =)))))) Cuz I'm just sooooo tired of going to bed at 2 am and waking up at 7 am every morning... EXHAUSTING!!!! =))))

  5. i say "go to bed at 10" and wait till mckay falls asleep then go enjoy your alone time. or, wait till this new life phase is over :) :)

  6. even when i get up at 5am to go to work every day for a couple weeks, i have sooooo much trouble falling asleep until 10...11...12. SUCKS! good luck with organization!

  7. Your lil' buddy couldn't be any cuter! Love how you dress him. Sounds like a nice day to me, besides it's normally me trying to wake my man up:)

  8. Those pictures are to cute!!!

  9. i'm sorry. ALLICANSEEISTHATBABYBOMBERJACKET. and i just died.

  10. awe - u'll figure it all out - and HEY u DID make time today - blogging DOES take a lot of ya tho! ... ps he is SOOOO frigin' adorable!

  11. Good for you guys getting organized!!! I reallllllly need a bed time and to actually stick to a schedule! I'm sure as this becomes your new routine you'll start to find time for the lil things! Good luck Ali! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  12. schedules are always hard to adjust too, but they {almost} always provide a much needed balance! So GOOD FOR Y'ALL! :)

  13. Okay first of Jax is wayyyy too cute in that jacket. And secondly, who actually has time for blogging? Isn't it just something extra we all throw on our plate to drive us crazy and make us smile? Haha


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