Friday, January 11, 2013

It's a good thing he buys me shoes.

Skirt: Anthro; Cardigan & shoes: Nords

those are the shoes!
You can copy me here.

Story #1: 
I have a nightly ritual before I go to bed. It's normal. I just go downstairs and I check all the locks. Sometimes I open the garage door to make sure the actual garage door is closed. When I check our sliding door that goes to out backyard, I always turn on the porch light really quick. I hope that if there is a robber or a rapist out there, I will catch him mid-breaking-in-plans, and he will run away scared. Last night though, when I turned on the light, the screen door was completely OFF and stuck to the side. Obviously we haven't gone in the backyard since like....September?? So I woke McKay up to ask him about it. This is what happened-

Me: McKay
Me: McKay
Me: Mckaaaaaayyyyy
McKay: Whaaaaaatttt?!!
Me: Did you move the screen door?
McKay: Whatttt?
Me: The sliding screen door in the kitchen...did you move it?
McKay: Whatttt?
Me: I was making sure everything was locked and the screen door was off. 
McKay: (sitting up now) Whatttt?
McKay: No.
Me: Okay, well I am scared then because someone took it off!
McKay: Whatttt?
'           '
'           '
'           '
(he really did say what like 25 times.) 

Me: Can you just go check it please?
McKay: Ali, I took it off. I took it off because it kept coming know... (he means the track)

Story #2: Which is happening as I type this.

Tonight is McKay's monthly campout with the scouts. You know, the night that I check the locks like a jillion times and eat a whole pan of brownies by myself. Anyways- I usually don't say that McKay's leaving the day he's leaving because I am scared of internet weirdos coming here and stealing me and Jax...but for the sake of the story...
Okay, this is not a lie. I seriously had a daydream today that McKay surprised me and said he was not going camping, but that he was instead going to take me on a date. And then we started texting:

McKay: How bout I don't go camping tonight?
(44 minutes pass)
McKay: Or I will...
Me: Sorry babe! I went to the post office and had to charge my phone because it died! I wish you didn't have to go
McKay: What r u doing tonight?
Me: I don't know
McKay: How about go to a restaurant?
Me: Wait am i dreaming
McKay: Probably
Me: Ugh dangit
McKay: R u chillin with ur fam tonight?


then I didn't respond. 

I mean...seriously??!

*******Recent- almost-immidiately-after update: Bittersweet.

Sweet: He came home from work and the camping trip got cancelledddddd! Yay! 

Bitter: We are poor so we can't go to a restaurant. Probably because of the shoes. 


  1. hahaha! These are too cute. And I love this outfit!

  2. HAAHAHA i loved every story in this post!!! i laughed so much, especially during "We are poor so we can't go to a restaurant. Probably because of the shoes."

    i totally relate, girl. we used a coupon at a restaurant yesterday night. anywho, you are hilarious. at least you have cute shoes!! have a great weekend :)

  3. This is how I feel when R has to go to work... =] Do you really have to go to work? hehehe

  4. Haha these are awesome and that outfit is adorable. :)

  5. i totally do that too. i have to make my rounds two times at least to make sure all windows and doors are locked. and when he's out of town i even put a couch by the front door!

    you are too cute girl!

  6. We have an alarm and I double check all the doors and the alarm at least twice before bed! I would have totally freaked about the screen too! Super cute shoes with a super cute skirt! So sweet that he asked the sales woman for your size...he knows your shoe size, that's huge in itself!


  7. I'm the EXACT same way! I am super paranoid especially when Jay has to work overnight. No husband for the night means no sleep. Just can't..i'm a sissy..
    And the pan of brownies?
    Yep, with you on that too :)


  8. Adorable shoes! And I'm glad I'm not the only cray cray wife! One time I made chris was around the house with his gun because I found the front door unlocked. Then after he played James Bond for 10 minutes I remembered I left it unlocked. Oops!

  9. hahaha your stories are hilarious! i am the same way, i am sooo afraid someone will randomly break in one night. super cute shoes, def worth the loss of one restaurant dinner :)


  10. Those shoes are adorable!!! What funny stories!!

  11. Hhahahahahaahhaahha. I hate when I spend all the food money on shoes. Well actually I don't. LOVE THOSE OXFORDS DUDE

  12. this is super funny, I can almost picture you guys having those conversations hahaha....great shoes!

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  14. love the shoes, Ali. I like the description..."Dainty broguing dances along a classic oxford." :)

  15. beautiful shoes!!!! shoes last longer than restaurant food anyway ;)

  16. the bitter sweet.....oh my gosh that shouldn't have made me laugh but for some reason it did.
    Also i love your dream with texting involved and everything.
    I had the dream the other night that i went to prom (yup at my current age) with ZACK HANSON...basically i woke up fan-girling before realizing it was all fake...womp womp...
    I check my locks nightly, sometimes multiple times a night...i'll even wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and check them! Yay for being neurotic!

  17. i am exactly like that... check the locks 10000000's of times just in case! great story!!!

  18. this was amusing :) happy new year!

  19. This made me laugh right out loud!! Great stories! Love the shoes;)

  20. Ha ha! They are cute shoes though! I always used to sleep at my parents when the husband went on outings. Now with two kids it is just too hard so I make them sleep in bed with me!

  21. Your skirt is beautiful, I love the pattern.

    ~Jane B.


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