Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 14th, The Day We Met

Written by Ali:

McKay and I met three years ago, on January 14th, 2010. It was the first semester of my sophomore year in college. 
Since my freshman year of high school, a certain boy had my heart. While I was in college, he was serving a mission for our church. I started school that winter thinking that the semester would fly. It would be easy. It would be my last semester of waiting. 
I busied myself a lot at school. I was always involved in the service program, and that semester, I finally got to manage the Blood Drive. My college dream come trueeeee. January 14th we had a Service Fair to try to get other students involved in the activities around campus. I had been involved before, so I finally felt like I knew what I was doing. The Service Fair was in the Manwaring Center, on the top floor. I set up my booth and then walked down to the cafeteria...I was killing time before it started. When I walked back up the stairs, I heard these guys laughing behind me. Like obnoxiously laughing. I was totally one of those girls that was unimpressed with loud, obnoxious college guys (but maybe liked their attention...?) so I turned around and smiled. Probably kind of snobbily. 
They asked me if the service thing was upstairs. I told them it was. So we all kind of walked up there together.
I remember thinking both of them were cute (hi Chris! hopefully this isn't awkward!). But there was just something about McKay. He was cool. Way too cool for me, I thought. He was wearing a grey striped sweater. And I couldn't figure him out or label him like I could with other guys. He just seemed older, more mature and very sure of himself. And he made me feel like I was the younger-sister's-friend. Then we started talking and I found out that his little sister was my age, lived in my apartments, and that I had met her. I was the younger-sister's-friend. 
Our booths were next to each other the entire time and we were both trying to get people to sign up to help with our specific projects. McKay kept saying "Don't sign up for the Blood Drive," and "You know they have huge needles right?" And stuff like that. It made me have more of a crush on him. The entire two hours was a huge jumble of flirtations giggling and teasing. I remember feeling so comfortable around him and thinking finally, someone at school who is just like me.  Because at college I really missed my high school friends. But McKay was like home to me, right away. Something clicked. And as cliche' as it sounds, things finally felt right and complete. Because before that, something has just felt not right. But McKay made things feel right. 
So, that day, he invited me over to watch a game. Of course, I played hard-to-get and declined. 
Because #1, I was too nervous. And #2, hello, I was playing hard-to-get.

Written by McKay:

For the winter semester of school I moved in with two of the coolest guys, Chris and Jason. We had known each other for a few years and we were tired of the same old girls that we had over at the apartment. We decided that this semester we were going to look for people that had a “light” about them. We didn’t know how to describe it except by a brightness and happiness about them.
Chris started volunteering for the service association on campus and invited me to help promote it. I was excited to help and hadn’t done anything like this since my mission. We headed to the MC and I started to get a good feeling about it. The service fair was on the top floor and as we headed to the stairs I notice a really cute girl in front of us. I remember intentionally trying to talk louder and laugh so it would get her attention. It must have because by the time we got to the top I got the nerve to talk to her. All I could get out was, “are you heading to the service fair?” Haha, I was nervous, and she was a really cute girl.
We got inside and set up our booth right next to hers. We started joking around back and forth and I realized that I had no clue how to flirt. I just couldn’t stop talking to her because she had that “light” that my roommates and I had talked about! So I kept talking, joking about her blood drive booth with scrapbook displays, and probably the dumbest jokes ever created. But she kept laughing and it was really fun!
I leaned over to Chris and asked him if it was cool with him that I started to flirt with her a little more; I guess because it was his service event and I didn’t want to step on his feet. Plus Chris is some good competition. We all kept talking and laughing and the two hours flew by super fast. Chris and Ali kept mentioning an overnight retreat that all of the program managers were going to the next weekend. I had a feeling like I needed to be there, a really strong feeling of excitement.
So I asked them who the person in charge was, and after a little bit of convincing / pleading, I got a manager position! I was now in charge of “Toys for Tots”, and couldn’t wait until the retreat.
to be continued...


  1. Awe, this is cute! I love how you have the story from both of your views =)

  2. This is to cute! Can't wait to read more!!

  3. I'm so excited to read more!!! I love hearing about it from both of you! :)

  4. Cant wait to hear the rest. You guys are the cutest. :)

  5. This is literally the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to finish reading!! :)

  6. oh. my. goodness.
    i'm a huge sucker for hearing/reading love stories.
    you and your hubby are a beautiful couple...I can't wait to read the rest of the story! :)

  7. love it! too cute to read both versions...will be back for more :)

  8. is it weird that i just got one of those happy chest tightening feelings and have a goofy grin on my face?
    No?...ok :)
    I love reading this from both of y'alls perspectives so dang cute!

  9. Ali,

    This is such a cuuute idea!! It's neat to hear about how you met, I love love!!! :-)

    xox Jenna @ Demure in Diamonds {dot} com

  10. I love hearing both sides of the story! Soooo cute--it's like it was meant to be!!


  11. Sooo cute! I love hearing both of the perspectives it cracks me right up. Can't wait for part two :)

  12. aww i totally love how you do your and his version. can't wait to read more on it!

  13. Aw how cute! It's so great to hear it from both people :)

  14. This is such an excellent post Ali, I loved hearing the start of your beautiful tale from both sides of the story, it felt like a scene from a click flick! Its so sweet that you both had that instant it-feeling and mutual interest and attraction to each other. Look forward to hearing the rest!

  15. Love this!! Can't wait for part two. I love how the versions are so different!

  16. I love this, can't wait to read more.

  17. THIS IS THE CUTEST, ali. i love it. i can't wait to read more!!!!!!

  18. loved the post. May u 2 live happily ever after. <3 <3

  19. You two were absolutely meant to be :-) Noel and I met in January also..and I remember it like it was yesterday!


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