Monday, January 21, 2013

True Weekend Life

Friday night I had a girl's night to go to. I haven't had a girl's night since college I don't thing (mom's and sisters don't count) and obviously I have no mom friends (except you L). So I had to go. It was one of those bittersweet things. Like bitterly, I would have to be really outgoing and probably kind of awkward sometimes, but sweet because maybe I would make friends. But I was off-and-on about it all day. But by the time McKay got home, I was whining and saying McKay...I really just want to go get dessert. So he made a Melting Pot reservation. But the next minute, I was thinking enough of having no friends! So I went upstairs, got dressed and got in the car. Off to my girls night. But THEN, due to the obnoxious fog, I couldn't find the house, soooo 
Which was awesome! The perfect family Friday. It was McKay's first time. And Jax looooved it. 
And for the millionth time in my life I had an epiphany: all I really need is chocolate.
(just kidding, if you're reading this girls...pleaseinvitemenexttime) 

Okay, on to the next thing.

Thursday I was in Seattle with my mom for my Mammogram (for the BRCA 2 stuff, no big deal). BUT, I had a few returns from Christmas for Anthro, so we ran in really quick. Sadly, we had no time- so we had to rush in and rush out, leaving me with Anthro cravings. So naturally, I wanted to go on Saturday. Plus I had giftcards.

On Saturday McKay said he would take me to Anthro. The problem is, every time we go there, we get in a fight, so I always have a tinge of worry along with the excitement. Usually we fight because I am in my zone, and McKay is dragging himself behind me, groaning. So I turn to him and I say, McKay, do you like this? (to get him involved). And he says, I don't know, just get it. And I say, but I really want to know what you think. And then he says, I don't know Ali, you handle the money. And I say, McKay, I'm not asking if I can get it, I'm asking if you like it. And to that he says, I DON'T CARE ALI. I'M HUNGRY AND WE HAVE BEEN IN HERE FOR THREE HOURS. And then I calmly tell him to go to the Mac store. 

But THIS time. No fight. We got there, I shopped a little, he got a little bored, he went to the Mac store on his own, I shopped a little more, we met up when I was done, then we ate. That's the key everyone. Then we ate. You have to feed the boys. Afterward, we left happy. We turned on our new CD and embarked on the journey home. As we were leaving the parking lot, McKay said the tires felt a little weird. I didn't feel anything. Then we got on the freeway, and 


We looked at each other and both said what the?!?!?! And then McKay stopped the car in the space by the exit in the middle of the road and calmly changed our tire. He smiled and gave me the "thumbs up" as he was doing it to make me feel okay. And luckily, Jax just slept! McKay got the donut on and hit the hazard lights and then we drove home going 40mph on the freeway.

When we got home, I took Jax downstairs to make cookies so McKay could have a break. I was also kind of happy that we had a shopping day that didn't end in negativity because of Anthro. 

But then McKay posted this.

the hashtag.

Thanks a lot for the flat tire, Anthropologie.



  1. I literally laughed out loud at the hashtag. It is like certain things in a marriage are guaranteed to cause a fight....or something will go wrong, no matter what! As the wife, we know when the moment is coming, and when it passes and nothing happens it is like a silent party in our head. THEN, something goes wrong, every.single.time.

    PS: Melting Pot, yum.

  2. when i saw that hashtag on IG, i peed my pants no joke. i was all HAHAHAHA ALI WINS! ANTHROPOLOGIE! similar: christmas shopping in decemeber of 2010: in target/tj maxx parking lot...all of a sudden WE RUN OVER SOMETHING and i'm like HOLYSHIT WE JUST KILLED A SMALL CHILD JJ! and we got out of the car...not a small child (which was great). it was my bumper. my bumper fell off my car and we then ran over it. and Ali...two years later and MY CAR IS STILL BUMPERLESS hahahahahahahaha

  3. Hahaha omg the hash tag. And yes all you need (sometimes) is chocolate!

  4. i dread shopping with the husband. he always hurries me and i always feel like i'm not making the right choice! aaahhh men!
    blame it on anthropologie! haha.

  5. "the have to feed the boys". i will remember that :)
    I've never been to the Melting Pot (want to badly). Jax looks like he enjoyed it!
    I was just telling Steve today how I never do any girls' nights, too bad you live so far!

  6. We really do need to feed the boys! And YUM. I LOVE THE MELTING POT. Ahem. Sorry for shouting.

  7. Haha the hashtag is too funny.

  8. you almost had this one in the bag. if not for that flat. next time!

  9. hahaha I remember seeing that hashtag and I laughed so hard. I swear, what is up with when we want a perfect shopping day and boys just DRAG behind us.. and then eating makes it all better? Move down here so we can have a girls night every other week.. Ill go to Anthro with you. Gladly.

  10. That hash tag is great!

    Melting Pot is so yummy - I need to go there just for dessert sometime because it is so good!

  11. oh my gosh those melting pot pictures are too cute!!!
    and flat tires suck! Glad you he was able to change it! :)

  12. dang anthro, always causing trouble. usually it's to my bank account but it looks like they really had it in for you!

  13. I wouldn't handle that much chocolate =)))))))))

  14. YES that describes almost every single trip to the mall and "girly stores" we take. and definitely the food part. Rich is happy as long as we get food (usually ice cream or gyros). Jax looks like he had a blast!

  15. ooo that anthro visit sounds like such a tease!!

  16. So unfortunate about the tire. But that hashtag! ;P

  17. i'm a BRCA girl too! - so nice to meet another BRCA! .. anyway the beau and i have an "anthropologie" but it's a mall - whenever we go there - we SOMEHOW get into a 'fight' .. *love* ur family night!

  18. I love the melting pot!! Looks like your little one enjoyed it!!

  19. Aww such adorable pictures of Jax. what is this Melting Pot place, we need it here! Sounds yum. Men + Shopping just somehow can't be friends, unless there are cars or gadgets involved. Oh no about your tyre...glad it all worked out in the end.

  20. hahhaa jerry is like that too! he doesn't really get grumpy from shopping but he DOES get bored and it makes it no fun for me. I try to ask him for his input and at first he's kinda into it but after a while he's just like... emotionless lol
    feeding does help though. because we're both grumps when we're hungry and its no fun for anyone.

    ps i love love looove the melting pot!!! have you tried the white chocolate?? its sooo good. we went there for my birthday when we were just dating and we haven't been back there since. I swear... dates were a lot more fancy when we hadn't tied the knot yet. hahaha

  21. ah the hashtag...uh-mazing. :)
    Glad that the trip ended in good spirits (minus the tire popping!)

  22. What boys need to realize is Anthro can do no wrong. It's everything else's fault. ;) Hahaha! Glad it turned out ok! Did you get something beautiful??


  23. Ha! You really do have to feed the boys - so true, this is a key part of any relationship.

  24. Hahaha, I think the same happens to me and my husband as we go shopping. My two fave stores are Jcrew and Anthro so he knows to go to the Apple Store the minute I work towards those stores. lol.

    ~Jane B.


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