Saturday, October 13, 2012

When Jax Fed the Ducks

Okay, I regret what I said before...
Summer...please come back.

It's getting really cold here, so I figured I could add one more thing to my Fall to-do list and take Jax to feed the ducks before the temperature got even lower. We packed some bread and headed to one of our favorite spots. We had come before during summer when the ducks were pretty calm. They would swim and waddle around and occasionally eat the bread we threw. This time of the year (with lots less people and lots less bread?) they are INSANE. They swarm at your feet and take bread right out of your hands. Fun for bigger kids...scary for tiny baby boys.
I had a picture of him holding onto my leg and somehow it totally disappeared. Bummer.
But after about a minute, he was really comfortable. I didn't give him much bread, because I didn't want the ducks to totally attack, but he had lots of fun talking and chasing and following them. He even got on all fours and turned around- attempting to follow them right into the pond.

Okay, these are my guilt-bringing pictures.
I backed away a little bit so I could get a picture of Jax with all the ducks and he totally face-planted right on the ground. I thought it was just dirt until I smelled it. It wasn't. So disgusting.

We cleaned up in the bathroom.

Then, we got swarmed by the ducks again.
(and a rooster, I guess)

Then we were done.


  1. i am laughing SO hard over the last photo. it looks so dramatic!

  2. …he's surrounded by them! so. many. birds. i can't stop laughing. i just can't.

  3. The last picture is so precious! He is so cute

  4. I'm guessing the meltdown occurred right around the poop in the face? That is pretty traumatic... Hahahaha! He is adorable!


  5. Beautiful pictures, so sweet! seems like at the end he was too sad to go:)

  6. so cute! i terrified of ducks and geese

  7. Ali, great pics!! And yeah, that last photo pretty much is hilarious. Sad, but funny. Poor little guy, he's like "come save me!!!" hahaha!

    He is too cute.

  8. Aw, how cute is your little guy. Sorry to hear her ended up with poop on his forehead.

  9. I honestly just want to thank you for sharing this time with us because it is ADORABLE!!!

  10. Love the clear/colorful pics!! What a sweet lil guy you got there.

  11. ...then we were done...and that picture, SO CUTE :)
    He is so precious!!
    And btw, i WISH it would get cold here, i'm SICK of 80+ degree days in the fall...really, how the crap is that fall at all?

    1. Not Fall AT ALL! I totally agree with you!

  12. What a cutie! I love his little jean jacket! Okay so this is SO random but I just realized your husband was in my ward at BYU-I years ago! I think it was spring 2009?? I think my roommate dated his roommate or something and I remember seeing you at church a couple times in the Taylor building! HA!


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