Monday, October 15, 2012


Despite the mood of this picture, today is not depressing. Even though it's Monday,  it truly has been a lovely day so far. Jax and I ran to Target this morning and got the supplies to make homemade baby wipes and I got a new SWIFFER. It was exciting. I know, I'm such a mom. Jax had some struggling moments at the store, so we kept our tradition alive and opened a brand new box of fruit snacks before we got to the check-out. I even got McKay a surprise at the store. I am trying to be a better wife. Has anyone seen that pin on Pinterest of the nerf gun that a wife left for her husband when he got home from work with a note saying something like "you're under attack as of now?"

Well, that wife has inspired me and I am determined to be more "fun." I started my fun-ness last night when I turned off the TV after Revenge was over and told McKay that we were going to play a game of questions, inspired by this:

Some Q&A:

What would your favorite meal in the entire world be?

McKay: Langer's Kiwi Strawberry juice (a disgusting sugar-filled juice that I bought like twice at Winco when we lived in Rexburg), a big Diet Coke, the steak at Ruth's Chris, Funeral Potatoes, and Apple Crisp.

If you could be the best at one thing, what would it be?

Ali: I would be good at singing and would sing on Broadway as Elphaba in Wicked. 

And just be warned, your husband/bf might make a mockery of this game and turn it into a really disgusting mine did.


  1. Nice post! enjoyed reading it:)
    Great picture, love the jacket over the denim shirt!

  2. how do you make such an easy looking pony tail so pretty!
    also I agree with your skill at singing. I want to steal Ariel's voice and find my prince charming <3


  3. Ali! You should seriously share your hair and makeup secrets! I want to know what you use and how you use it! You always look perfect! Every time I try to do a pony tail like that it looks like I slept in it. How do you make it look so good??!! Love your blog so much!!

  4. too funny! can't wait for Target to get to Montreal!!!! ja!
    new follower :)

  5. Lovin' that messy ponytail! And I am very intrigued by the homemade baby wipes...could this be a tutorial (oh my gosh, said like I'm a mom). You have some of the funniest, most genuine stories on your blog, I love reading them!! Totally with ya on the Broadway thing :)

    perfectly priya

  6. hahah, you do look far too pretty for a casual day!! Just stunning!!!! I adore.

    And that is really funny- I love his meal and mockery of you, haha. :) My Boyfriend would definitely take it to the next level of grossness.

  7. Oh my gosh, im with your Husband on the Apple Crisp...those things....are amazing. And secondly, im with you on Elphaba! hahah. Even though it means being green, she's one of my favorite broadway female characters. Whatta voice!!! The other one would be Eponine from les Miserables. She was also a favorite of mine. (Is) a favorite of mine. Cute post! :D

  8. Swoon! How pretty is this picture?! Your hair looks gorgey; and I'm loving the denim top!

    P.S. Navy is a favorite nail color during fall, as well. My current navy love is JULEP Michelle which is a really beautiful (and super shiny) navy creme. Highly recommended!! :)

  9. Replies
    1. It's like a casserole with cheese and potatoes. Some people call them "funeral potatoes" because supposedly they're brought to funerals a lot.

  10. Fun post, darling!
    You look gorgeous!


  11. I love the outfit and what a cute Q&A!

  12. Yay for bonding! I used to live in Rexburg! I don't remember Langer's, though. Too funny that he turned it dirty, but not all that surprising. At least he enjoyed it! Lol.

    Such a cute outfit!

  13. I like this post. I just do :) And your outfit. And your hair. It all pretty much sums you up as adorable :) XO brynn

  14. Such a cute post! Those boys always turn it into something else ;) That's the fun of it, questions to get the fun started!

  15. That's so cute to play a game like that! I love your denim and coat in this photo too! It looks really pretty where you live.. I have been born, raised, live and working always in Southern California and my fiance and I always half joke about moving elsewhere so we can actually afford to buy a house someday.

  16. love the outfit, and you look gorgeous!

    follow eachother?

  17. Hahah!
    Because that girls voice is rockin', i would dye myself green for a voice like that.
    I sing, and birds have the air sucked out of their lungs and fall out of the sky dead. :)
    . . .
    And girl, it is GOOD to get excited about a new swiffer, i get ecstatic when my new filters come in the mail for my vacuum cleaner. :)

    1. hahahahaha COMPLETELY AGREE with the green thing. And you get your filters SENT to you??! So smart!!

  18. Love that jacket! You are adorable.


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