Friday, October 19, 2012

The Dang Chair

I ran into the store this morning and took a couple pictures of the CHAIR- which of course, I shouldn't have, because now I want it again. But here it is. I really really want to know what you guys think. Like the TRUTH.

Tonight is Wicked. I can not even explain how excited I am. 
I am totally prepared and have listened to the CD for like A MONTH in my car.



  1. CHAIR: YES. yes yes yes a thousand times yes.

  2. nice chair, I don't love the legs though....
    have fun at Wicked!!!! i just saw it weeks ago here in Montreal and loved it!

  3. OMG that chair is GORGEOUS! Um, yes. Wingback? Check. Perfect color? Check. Where's it from???

    Happy Friday, yayyy!! :)


  4. Have SO MUCH FUN at Wicked!!!! :) :) :)
    Chair: i love it honestly. :) Pros, wingback and the nail heads...eeek. cons: the fabric color, it can dirty up QUICK & price.
    You know, gotta keep things in perspective hahaha.

  5. Have so much fun at Wicked! I love that show!!

    I love the chair so much!!

  6. The chair is cute, but you can totally find something like this on craigslist for super duper cheap!

  7. OMG honey I LOVE that chair.
    Enjoy wicked! It is awesome.

  8. Oh... I LOVE the "For good" song from the Wicked =)))
    Never seen the musical though =(((

  9. YOLO, Ali, you need that chair ;)

  10. That chair looks great!! You should get it since you have been eyeing it for so long. Wicked is one of my favourite musicals ever~~~ I love all the songs.


  11. Honestly...I *love* the chair. I can hardly wait until I have a real living room to put a chair in....

    Hope you had fun at Wicked! I loved when I got to go when I was 16...

  12. I love the chair, but if it's going to be a guilty reminder every time you sit or look at it, maybe scroll craigslist for some beastly looking chair that has the same shape (but ugly, old fabric) and watch a tutorial on how to refurbish a chair and put the color fabric on it you want and add the studs on the sides. I have seen so many tutorials for stuff like that..I almost did that with a headboard for the bed..but then by the end of the tutorial..I thought..with that much effort and materials needed, I may as well just get the finished project! ;)

  13. That chair is phenomenal!

    PS- I nominated you for a lil somethinggg on my blog today, check it out!! :)


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