Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jax Sings!

1. Before you watch this video, I have to tell you a little pre-cursor story that is giving me the video-posting nerves.

Once upon a time, I was a high school senior and I wanted to be on our "Knightly News." (We were the Knights). So every day in second period, we would film the news and sometimes I would get to be an anchor. We would make our own cue cards and primp a little right before know, it was great. Well, my sophomore brother informed me that when I was on the news, it was annoying. I'm sure I spent many drives home trying to explain to him why it was cool and why it was not annoying. Finally, he just told me: Ali, your voice is like so nasal-y...and high...and when you are whole class like plugs their ears...and my teacher does too.


K, so here is JAX singing.

2. Jax and I are going to a TechFest right now. That's right, a TECHFest. Filled with technology, power points, and lots of men in loafers and khakis. McKay has been working on it foreverrr, so we are going to support. Here is us at the one last year:

I posted this pic on their company FB page. haha

3. Yesterday Jax and I went to Greenlake with my new friend who I met...da-da-da-daaaaaa...blogging! I love her. And we had so much fun talking, walking (THREE miles! I was proud) and discussing all the young-mom, young-wife things about life- which was so nice, by the way. She is hilarious and so cute and has the CUTEST baby girl- who she let me hold! And then I got even MORE baby hungry.

4. I am going to sneak over to that store and snap a picture of that chair for you guys. I think I decided that it's a no. It's just a chair. But it's one of those back-and-forth things in my brain. Annoying. I feel weird posting the price. Would that be bad blogging etiquette? I have no idea. Of course, it's not thousands...or a thousand. But it's in the more-expensive-than-average range- for us at least. I'll show ya tomorrow.


  1. Hi Ali! I'm stopping by for the first time. The video of your little one is so cute! Lol your brother was probably the only one who felt that way, I didn't want to plug my ears at all! Eh, that's what brothers are for right? Anyways, you have such a cute blog!


  2. Why do siblings feel the need to torture each other so? I'm not saying I never did it, it's just too bad we have to do such rude things to each other. Oh well, perhaps we are tougher for it...? I don't know. For the record, I don't think your voice is annoying at all. You seem like a sweet mom and I did not plug my ears. Your son seems really sweet too.

  3. Oh my gosh, your little one is so darling! That was pretty much the cutest video EVER, no worries about that little snafu in high school :)

  4. So cute! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  5. What a little cutie! I love this.
    xo Josie

  6. cu-rap i'm at work and can't watch the video, but i'm SURE your voice is not a chipmunk so no worries there! :) :)
    and Jax is soooooooo stinking cute!! <3
    can't wait to see a picture of the chair, and you're right it's just a chair. I have to talk myself out of purchases all of the time! Sometimes it just isn't the best choice to spend $000.000 on something...even if you want it SO BAD

  7. i heart you.
    hahahhaaa jax singing! i die.

  8. he's so darling!

  9. I'M SO JEALOUS YOU AND LACIE HUNG OUT I COULD CRY! WAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!! but really, blogging friends turned IRL friends are the bessst.

  10. dang it, can't watch the video at work! :( - will have to watch it later. just didn't want you to think I skipped on commenting on this post because I didn't like it or something. yes, I'm quite awkward. haha.

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    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much lady!
    Xo, Emily

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