Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1, 2, 3

1. It's my special time of the month. 

2. Yesterday my grandma and I went shopping to find her some jeggings. She likes the good stuff- and always ends up with arms full of Free People, Splendid, etc. This for me is torturous- and each time I go with her, I smile and run for sizes and silently remind myself never again as I die a little inside. This next part I'm going to say quick, because it's really embarrassing...
Tried on pants that I have been loving for a while. Fit perfect. Left dressing room to chase Jax. Held screaming child while Gma bought all her stuff. Went home. Sad. Looked up jeans to find them cheaper. They weren't cheaper anywhere. Blog surfed. Other girl was wearing them on her blog,
thenicried. The end. Re-read #1.

3. Wicked was amaaaaazzzzzinggggg. I would see it again and again if I could. Now I understand everyone who sees it three, four and five times. I cannot stop listening to the soundtrack. I am actually sick of it, but I can't stop. Jax loves it too.

4. I just can't get the chair. I can't. I have pre-buyer's remorse- so I can't even imagine what the post-remorse would be like.

5. Last night Jax was rearranging the drawers in his armoire- and carried all of McKay's socks to a drawer in the cupboard. I constantly wish that I could document every new thing he does every day. Today I put his new car seat in the car, and it was so weird to be able to look in my rear-view mirror and see his little face looking all around the car and outside. He still looked so small. We did our grocery shopping this morning and he just laid on my shoulder and slept for half of it. He is still a baby. 


  1. i love your outfit! i want to see Wicked SOOO Bad. One Day :)

  2. Ahh..been there and done that on #2! and #4! I like that you talk about affording stuff in such a real way! So many blogs post their fab designer stuff and money never is mentioned..and it always leaves me wondering..hmmm are you real? How do you afford all this stuff!! Money is an issue we all deal with and I don't get why it's so hush hush sometimes! I have a couple pieces of furniture that I have been eyeballing for years..literally years..luckily my wedding is coming up, so I am putting that on the registration! Fingers crossed, maybe people can chip in together for it as I don't expect one person to foot the bill!

  3. i hate when #2 happens. so, so, so much. the other day, robbie ordered me an anthropologie dress that i've been dying to have…it was my favorite thing they had all season. and then a week later he got an email saying, "oops, sorry, it was actually out of stock." it. was. the. worst. and now i see it everywhere i go. but that's totally the kind of thing that would make me weep if it was my special time too.

    chin up -- i bet you'll find 'em elsewhere!

  4. pre-buyers remorse is the worst thing! don't get it! I have a bad feeling jaja

  5. love the clashing prints! love playing around with animal prints!


  6. LOL omg your post crack me up I really love reading them! & I love he hat! I just can't work a hat! don't feel bad about the chair you might find something better for less try TJ maxi!

  7. oh wow! Your blog is darling!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on mine!! In love your style! You look so stunning in that hat!:) Now following and cannot wait to read more!



  8. loving you hat!


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  9. Maaaaan!!! Hope one day I'll be brave enough to get a hat =))))))
    And I wish I could see your grandma.... I mean Russian old ladies are totally different... But still it's hard for me to imagine one wearing jeggins =)))))

  10. OMG, you look so cuuuuuute! i am totally loving your outfit. it's my special time of the month too. it sucks huh? LOL.


  11. I love this post and your photo is amazing! Your hat looks fabulous!



  12. Jegging wearing grandma sounds awesome! I get so emotional at my special time and Rich always laughs when I cry at stupid things - not cool! hahah

  13. hi gorgeous~ I love your blog! You are so pretty~


  14. What a blessing to spend time with grandma. I wish I still had mine. I'm liking your hat & been wanting to get one :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm your new gfc friend.


    Abigail K

  15. haha, on your #1! the most awesome intro to any post I've ever read. seriously.
    your picture is totally gorgeous, and your grandma wearing jeggins is fabulous too. I mean how many older ladies do you see now a days wearing jeggings. Own it grandma!

  16. Such a cute outfit! I so want to see wicked! I can't believe I haven't yet! I've heard nothing but good things about it

  17. first of all, Jax is sooo adorable I want to put him in my pocket. LOL
    second of all, you are one hot mama :)
    and a stylish one too!
    definitely following
    hopefully, you'd follow back :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  18. hahaha awww did you actually cry? and your grandma is getting jeggings- fashinable lady! i don't even dare to try those on, i like her ballsiness ;)

  19. uggggh buyer's remorse is the worst! It is worse for me when I regret NOT buying something! :)

  20. so glad you found my blog so that i could find you!
    sounds like you had quite the adventure with your grandma and your little one!
    i have a story like that too. except i was in AUSTRIA (i live in the US) and i was like, 'oh i'll find that top somewhere else...'
    TWO YEARS LATER, after constantly looking for a top like that i saw one in the store and as it turns out i had left my wallet. went back to get it the next day? gone. never saw this kind of top ever again!
    sooo yea, i feel your pain!

    looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  21. your grandma is super awesome by the, liking the good stuff she rocks! and i love your sweater wtih the plaid shirt and hat very fall outfit indeed!

  22. #1 can ruin everything....so i would cry over jeans too!!
    Wicked, i'm still jealous! :)

  23. thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! just joined yours! can't wait to read more. in other news: i hope you are feeling better, and i am one of the many impressed by your grandma's jeggings choice! i love that you saw wicked! guessing it was the tour? not sure where you're located! i've had many friends in wicked all over - on one of the many tours, in SF, in LA.. on and on. I'm with you on the beauty of the show. Try In The Heights next, bet you'll love it! xo

  24. love your top! i'm your newest follower on GFC! hope you visit and follow me too? :)


  25. Lol I love the way you blog Ali, it's like I can hear you talking to me. Oh that time of the month, what a joyous time, NOT. lol

  26. Love the picture! You have great style and I love this 1,2,3 idea. I have been trying to come up with a way to do a weekly summary post of everything that is going on that doesn't deserve its own post. Great idea.

  27. I'm so glad you got to see Wicked! Definitely takes the soundtrack to a new level. Hooray! Love that leopard sweater and love any story about your grandma!

    perfectly priya


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