Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1, 2, 3

...things i've been thinking:

1. I want to finish school.
I think I want to go back. As a precursor, I totally don't regret any decisions that we have made so far. I am a true believer in "going with your gut," and when McKay and I felt like it was the right time to start a family, we did.. I just feel like I am in that spot. You know, that spot where something needs to happen and it's the perfect time. Husband is graduated and happy with his job. We have one baby. I have only a little tiny bit of school left. I want to finish. Really bad. No conclusion yet. Just thinking.

2. about Wicked
Lately I have been wishing that I was a Broadway star- in Wicked. I think this in the car every day, multiple times. I always joke with McKay that I have no talents. I mean, I'm sure I do, but not the obvious ones. I'm not athletic at all and I can't sing. If I could choose one thing to be amazing at, it would be singing. And I would want to have a Broadway voice. McKay bought me the Wicked soundtrack for my birthday and I cannot stop listening to it. I mean, I seriously try. I get in the car and turn on country, mainstream, whatever...but I just start craving "Defying Gravity" and that is that. And just in case you were wondering, I would be Elphaba if I could choose. Has anyone seen the play? I haven't seen it yet!

3. that Jax needs a sister
This is not in the seriously-considering-and-trying stage yet, or foreshadowing of any kind, but today, for the first time since before Jax, I got that baby hungry feeling. It wasn't the kind where I just think that baby is so cute, I miss holding tiny babies. It was like the okay, I want a baby. It's time. I can feel it. I can picture it. I am going to have a boy next. I know it. But just in case there is a little girl up there waiting to join our family, I hope she knows that I already bought her three headbands.


McKay told me to do this for you guys.
He thinks it's 'SO WEIRD' and 'creeeeeepy.'

It seriously isn't thaaat bad...is it?

And P.S. this hat is from Gap and it comes in "M/L." A hat that I can push down all the way on my head?! YES. And this blouse...Madewell...$15 bucks!


  1. 1. i'd love to see ya finish up your degree! it gives you such a feeling of accomplishment. plus, school is fun in its own way -- especially for english majors. ; )
    2. defying gravity! my choir friends & i would belt that in the kamiak practice rooms. we were...ok.
    3. gosh, i wish we could have a baby. i can't wait for that day. : ) i truly, truly think i need to become a nanny in-between!
    4. ...i still love your hat.

  2. wicked live is so effing awesome you will literally die when you see it. it's coming to Seattle! (wait, did i just make up the fact that you live in Seattle??) on a creepier note, i had a dream about you last night and we were friends. it was cool. SO, if it really IS true that you live in Seattle, let's hang out dudeeeee!!!

    1. YES Seattle and let's definitely be friends!!!!!!

  3. I think its better to finish school now when the baby is small because once he gets older and starts school you will need yo focus on his school too and it gets stressful I have a 5 year old and Im in school and its hard :( neways I love that hat!


    1. I totally agree! Wow that is awesome that you are finishing!

  4. what is your major in? that's fun that you want to finisH! i think you should! and i am just gonna say that i have seen wicked 3 times.....i love it that much. :) it's oh so good.

    1. English! Really??! k. I am jealous. Do you listen to the soundtrack too?!

    2. well of COURSE i do. in high school my friend and i would perform "what is this feeling" all the time at different places. it was so fun. and what's better than just belting out to good ol' defying gravity or the wizard and i? NOTHING IS BETTER! :)

  5. You are just so dang fab. The play is awesome. You need to see it. I can't sing either, but I like to think I am good at other things. You are amazing and talented and cute and a good mom and do you want me to go on?

  6. Creepy?! I'm pretty sure my creepy face is definitely not as cute as yours. The end, amen.

  7. I love the print on your pants! And Wicked is the best play ever!!!
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  8. Go for it! It's great that you know exactly what you want :) I followed your blog recently and I can't wait to read more about the things you just typed in this post! xx

    - Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  9. Oh I LOVE 'Wicked'- I can completely understand why you would want to be on Broadway based on that musical- amazing!!!

    Love the school aspirations.

    The last picture is so cute.

  10. Haha love that last pic! And a hat that comes in L? That is sooo rare for those of us with full-sized heads hehe. And that's exciting that you're thinking about finishing school - you should definitely do it while you still can! Studying can be a pain, but graduating and having accomplished it will be worth it :)

    Life etc

  11. Ali I love your pants! I'm always hesitant to pull off patterned pants, but maybe I need to try it!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, it brought me here and I'm excited to follow you :) (I get to be your 99th follower! almost 100! good luck!)


  12. You will never regret finishing school. I promise:) and I have that convo with my husband all the time about his bright and shiny talents (obvious ones) and my dull ones. It's hard to compare apples to carrots :)

  13. Oh, this post is so touching and true. I'm kinda regret cus I have gap year now and I had so much to do, but it seems like I'm going to be depressed all the time.

  14. Great post! If you only have a little to finish in school, do it! i regret not finishing but worked instead. as to wicked....go get em! you can do whatever you want but must work hard and be ambitious. singing school???
    as to a second baby....i had a boy first and knew i would have a boy again AND.....as it turns out i had a girl. you never know but getting pregnant is a miracle! soo many women cant :(

    my one question to you is how are you going to do alAre we following each other?? If not, lets do it :) Let me know girlie :)

    Http://fashion-a-holic.coml this???? LOL

  15. go back to school! quick quick quick! before you change your mind and remember how much work it is! but you'll be so proud when you're done! ... and then have a little sister for jax :)

  16. You're so beautiful, love this outfit here and I lovee those pants.

    I love your list, I know how it feels to want to finish school - it's a huge goal of mine as well. As for a possible baby in your future - have nothing to say but "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  17. 100 follower! I love your blog (:

  18. Gorgeous outfit! love the pants! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) following you now :)


  19. These pictures are just too adorable! Love your style! Really wishing I could pull off hats!
    And seriously, baby fever is everywhere right now!
    xo TJ

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is all kinds of cute! Seriously love it. I share that same not-so-secret desire of yours to be a Broadway star. Alas, if only I had the voice. I don't. If I could have picked one dream career, that'd be it.

  21. I don't know how I always manage to get behind on your blog, because then I have to go back and read every post and then mass comment on all of them, SO: Wicked. Yes. I've actually seen it twice! So many fun songs. And while I'm currently an nondescript factory worker in Pajama Game, I dream of Broadway stardom. So I'm with you there. Ha I love that you have already bought your future baby girl headbands! Whenever she may come along, she will already by stylin'

    Love that picture of you. Hunter always makes weird suggestions for me too. But you are adorable! Honest.

    perfectly priya

  22. doll, your blog is too cute! i loved having you guest post on my blog a few weeks back. thanks again! xoxo



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