Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leavin' on a jet plane

I am glad I found a picture where my face was hidden because this entire outfit was terrible. I know I've worn these shirts 4325 times, but they are my favorites. The pants? They are going straight back to the store. They are huge and clearly not the same size as their siblings in other colors- despite what the tag says.

I'm husbandless and Utah-bound today- excited to see the new incredible mall 'City Creek' in Salt Lake that "has everything" (which sounds really dangerous to me).  

Jax is sleeping. I haven't cleaned, husband grocery-shopped, or packed. Yep, still in my underwear in my bed. 

Oh and P.S. is it normal to be sad when one person un-follows you? That happened yesterday.


  1. I had someone unfollow me once.... Made me sad, too. :) (although I think they might've refollowed's a search in progress). ;)

    1. hahahaha that is funny. That makes me feel better! Hopefully my unfollower re-follows too... haha


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