Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Alive!

We just dropped little brother off at school and little brother is already becoming an adult. We called him today and he said that he was "studying." He also already has a "crew" so I am not worried at all anymore. 
For the next two days we girls are playing in Utah and gaining lots of poundage from the Kneaders that are on every corner. Seriously. They are either on every corner or I somehow just sense them near to me. Whenever we are hungry my grandma asks me where to go and I say "umm...that way..." and BOOM. Kneaders.

That's french toast made out of monkey bread.

Things I've learned here (so far):

1. Tide pens should not be used on pants unless a grandma is near
I wore my favorite pants and got them dirty (these ones). Grandma had a Tide pen. Used Tide pen on pants. Pen bleached pants. Scrubbed and scrubbed in the sink. Almost cried. Scrubbed more. Cried. Grandma felt bad about the pants. She said to look online for new ones. Found them- a new Fall-ish color. Loved them. Grandma bought new pants to replace old pants. Old pants magically dried with no spots. Now I have two favorite pants. True story.

2. It's time to start watching my child in bathrooms
Jax knows how to lift the toilet seat now. He got a bag full of balls at the store and has been playing with them in the hotel room. The other day, we found the bag of balls in the toilet. Aside from that, he sticks his hands in the toilet every chance he gets. 

3. You can fall in love over and over
I fell in love with McKay again this week. I walked around the campus and I walked by all of our "spots." I sent him a picture of the stairs we met on and asked him if he knew what the picture was. He knew. I wished he was in Rexburg with me the entire time. I kind of wanted to go to our first little apartment and just lay on our couch in our tiny family room and snuggle him. Miss him a lot.

4. The 3457th reason why moms/grandmas shouldn't have Facebooks
Because they love and share 90% of the funny/sad/ironic pictures that are passed around and comment on them. Sometimes they get in public political debates. Not saying my mom did that, but... 

5. Husbands would die without us
McKay has only eaten cereal and corn dogs the entire time I have been gone.

Two more days here! 

P.S. Fashion stuff coming back Thursday :)


  1. Oh, I so totally agree about moms/grandmas not having Facebook!Oh, the embarrassment!

  2. Missed your posts, lady! Scored on the two pairs of pants, Grandma saves the day!


  3. Oh Ali I'm glad you're alive and with cupcakes, even better! I love your grandma more and more every time I read about her! Glad you pants weren't ruined, that's a win-win! I just dropped my little brother off to college so I totally feel ya. I called him last night and he totally has friends, pulled his first all-nighter, etc. They don't even need us big sisters! Enjoy the rest of your time!

    perfectly priya

  4. 1. that story about grandma & the tide pen is too cute. and fortuitous!
    2. #3 is making my heart smile.
    3. ummm #5 is SO true. i found out that all robert ate while i was gone was cereal & chipotle burritos. no joke. he told me this about halfway through the trip. when he picked me up from the airport last night, there were chipotle cups in the he really wasn't kidding. also, he didn't touch the laundry & very quickly ran out of underwear and socks. so. i'll let you fill in the really unsavory details to that story. i said to robbie's mom, "these husbands of ours sure become used to a certain standard of living." i seriously worry about what would happen to him if i suddenly evaporated.


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