Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"There's this guy...

...and I think I really like him."

Today is my last day with the husband for an entire week, so of course I am looking at old Facebook pictures of him and getting depressed. 

This picture (up there!) is the very first picture that I ever showed my mom of McKay. I couldn't wait to  show her my very first (and only) college lover boy.
Showing her this picture led to my entire family FB stalking him clear from Washington. 
and that's completely normal.
The not-so-completely-normal part was my mom's ability to specify the middle name of his little brother the first time they met in person. And if you're wondering about that weekend...this was actually only a tiny bit of the humiliation that occurred. One other tiny bit was my grandma screaming, "If you don't marry him...I will!"

The important thing though, is that I love this picture. I stared at it a lot when we were falling in love. And I wore that shirt sometimes when I was pregnant with Jax. And I am really going to miss that guy when I am in Rexburg with those two crazy ladies, lots of memories and no husband.


  1. aww I love remembering the early moments of mine & Rich's relationship. The early days are always so special :)


  2. I love this post! Your grandma screaming that is the best part!

  3. Why isn't there an arrow above Burke too?

  4. Those tales from your intro weekend, HILARIOUS. Your grandma totally reminds me of the grandma in Mulan (Is that weird..?) And I loved that your fam FB-stalked him, they knew you were serious! How sweet that you remember showing this to your mom, and then you wore that shirt! Full-circle! I always enjoy reading your sweet romantic tales. Hope you have a really fun and safe trip Ali!

    perfectly priya

    Oh p.s. I would definitely notice and be sad if someone unfollowed me! I just hit double-digits! :)


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