Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in business

Sweater: Madewell; Shirt: Urban; Skirt: F21

I decided to give myself a three-day weekend and do pretty much nothing yesterday. Honestly, twenty seconds ago when I tried to think of what I did...nothing at all came to my mind. Now I remember...I shopped. I did not buy one thing either which was awesome. I have become very picky when I shop. We just window-shopped and fed ducks. The ducks were so aggressive, we had to leave. Then we went to Home Depot and and I got some paint rollers because I am going to paint our hallway. Months and months (and months) ago, I swiped the walls in random places with paint, in hopes that it would inspire McKay (or annoy him enough) to paint them, but it didn't. He thinks the colors are exactly the same. So I am going to do that soonish. After Home Depot, we came home and I made McKay french toast for dinner because it was still the weekend in my book and thawing chicken seemed very exhausting to me. 

Life lately has been filled with snot- Jax's snot, McKay's snot, etc. I have been in nursery the last two Sundays at church...so all the snot in there too. Jax got two molars. I'm not sure if they are technically molars, but they're big and they're in the back...so...molars? Also, McKay had been sick...and Jax now too...maybe...or just teething. Sick babies are cute and very very cuddly. Last night, McKay put Jax to bed and I could hear him crying in there. Usually I would just leave him and let him fall asleep, but last night I just had to get him so I went and got some yogurt for us to share and grabbed my boy and we watched Wakebrothers. Has ANYONE seen that show??!?!! I know, sounds so dumb right...? Just watch it. SERIOUSLY. SO. FUNNY.

And before I forget... Jax can do this now!

that pic was taken like one minute ago and you can't tell, but Jax shirt says,
"My parents studied together at BYU-Idaho."



  1. YAY! I am glad you are back in business. I love your posts! You always crack me up. And I understand the whole doing nothing very well. It's what I do everyday. Super fun. Haha love you!!

  2. Haha I love that you extended your weekend! I sometimes do that...most of the week. Seriously, ducks can be so aggressive. We were feeding the ducks once, and they started closing in on my personal bubble, so I started to back away. That's when my hubby asked if I was afraid of ducks, and I said no, but I was surprised that I was actually thinking, "Heck*%&# yes, and you should be, too! They might bite you, or me, or Connor!"


  3. That sweater is so cute!! The whole thing looks great together!


  4. You are gorgeous! And sweet little Jax is just too adorable for words. Hope he's feeling better :)



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