Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We finish each other's sentences.

McKay: kind of look like... 

Me: ...a fortune-teller.

Dress: Anthro; Headband: Nords; Bracelets: Ecuador

Last night McKay and I had one of those special talks. And by "special" I mean the "I'm frustrated about this in our life," type of discussion. He sat in a kitchen chair and I sat on a living room chair and watched as my sweet husband tried to sensitively and simply convey what the problem really was.

McKay is very organized, his brain kind of works like this: 
I have a planner. It is 3:00. What does my planner say for 3:00? Oh, it says that I need to get a snack. I am going to go get a snack. Now it's 3:15. Let me check the planner. 3:15...I need to work on my computer. I will do that now. Now it's 5:00, time to leave work. and so on...(a little exaggerated, but you get the point.)

This is how my brain works:
It's morning. I'm hungry...let's eat. Okay, laundry pile...I don't want to do that. Play with Jax. I need to plan dinner. I think I am going to run an errand first. First though, I need to do this thing. Jax is hungry. Crap, I forgot about this. K, McKay gets off in an hour...let's try to squeeze five things in...(etc.)

Back to the talk:
Cute husband was trying to describe the thing that was causing his life to become so unorganized and unpredictable. Though the message was convoluted, I knew exactly what he needed. So I finished his sentence,

You need dinner right when you come home.

And there it was. He smiled. I smiled. Problem solved.

Before I got married, I was one of those girls who pictured things like in the movies (the old-fashioned ones). Basically, perfect. I remember my English teacher saying that wives should have dinner ready for our husbands right when they got home regardless of anything else going on- fussy kids, work to do, whatever...dinner should be ready. She also said that if she could do it, anyone could. And I agreed. It should be doable and easy

Then I got married and had a baby.

So dinner when McKay gets home is my new goal. Not always easy, but doable. Prioritizing has got to be one of the hardest things for me. Usually things just pop into my head and I do them according to arrival. I mean, I always feed McKay...but sometimes it's at 8:00...and sometimes it's pancakes.


  1. Darn you Ali! I was just going to ask Curtis to go get a Pizza. Even though the salmon is marinating as we speak. I don't want to cook tonight. And now... I have to! Curtis thanks you. Me. Not so much ;)

  2. Oh my gosh. This is exactly how Clay and I are. Clay is so scheduled and I am not! He is so disciplined and routine oriented. I always want to make excuses and exceptions. Haha like right now I should be cooking dinner, but I'm laying in bed on the iPad... Clay is studying.

  3. What is it with men and their scheduled eating habits?? I've gone for half the day without so much as thinking about food, but my boy MUST eat every 3 hours! Hahaha!


  4. What a cute blog you have! Happy to have found it. How ironic that I found your blog on this post- Unfortunately our nightly schedules end around 10, so dinner is a tough subject/project in our house. ha! xo

  5. You look so pretty in this outfit! The headband is so cute!
    Love your blog! Would you like to follow each other? I would love to keep in touch. :)
    Have a fabulous day!

    xo Vivian
    Flightgirl Fashion

  6. Hey Ali! You are SO so gorgeous. Actually, Jared and I usually end up switching up who makes dinner, but we both work every day during the week. I adore cooking though, and would be thrilled to have the time to cook for him every night.
    Ah sigh...... someday right?

    1. haha Yes!...someday...I am totally with ya!

  7. You guys sound like you have such a sweet relationship! Not every couple can be so understanding of one another :)

    Alexandra xo

  8. How funny! I had a very similar talk with my Mr. Over the weekend, excpet about organization instead of scheduling. Love the last bit... "Sometimes its at eight... And sometimes its pancakes" sounds like my life... I laughed. Out loud. In class. :)

  9. Oh gosh, why too many people can relate to this. The mister always wants dinner when he gets home, and I never deliver. I don't even have a baby yet. Oh gosh, maybe I need to start prioritizing so I will have a habit by then. You are adorable!!!
    xo TJ

  10. It's nice to get some insight into married life here (wait, you mean you DON'T have an overwhelming knowledge and desire to make dinner every night once you get married?) and I love your style of writing! You two are incredibly, sweet, it's awesome how you work stuff out. And what's so bad about pancakes for dinner anyway?!

    perfectly priya


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