Friday, September 21, 2012

Written by husband

I woke up to this on my computer:

Blog Post 4 2day:


My husband is on a camping trip and I miss him so much! He was very loud this morning getting ready for the day, but then I saw that he had gone to the store and bought a new door knob and installed it! FORGIVEN… But then I realized that the reason the door knob had been taken off was because of his stupidity… UNFORGIVEN!

He spent all of last night buying camping equipment and getting ready for his campout and it was just annoying. He thinks he can wait until the last second to do these things. I let him know the correct way to plan and he agreed that he always waits until the last minute. He rubbed my feet yesterday… FORGIVEN! But then he was a jerk the rest of the night… UNFORGIVEN!!!

Then I walked into the room last night and saw my two boys sleeping in the bed ready for me to join them. They are so sweet when they are asleep! FORGIVEN! But they are so rowdy when they are awake. UNFORGIVEN…

This is what REALLY happened last night:

Husband had to come home and watch BYU/BSU game. Husband had campout with scouts the next day. Went to Target, Fred Meyer, & then WalMart at 10:00pm. Wanted wife and teething baby to go too. Wife waited in the car. Wife is scared of getting raped and kidnapped in WalMart parking lot. Fourty-five minutes pass. Baby is crying. Wife drives in circles. Husband is still in there. Wife finally grabs baby and goes inside. Husband is at the checkout. Wife is mad so she storms up to husband and asks if he forgot about her. Wife realizes that there is a line of 20 people behind husband. Man in Abercrombie sweatshirt tells wife it's not husband's fault- line was long. Wife is embarassed. Return to the car. Worst night.


  1. I LOVE your stories, sorry for the embarassed situation! :)

  2. I'm scared of the Wal-Mart parking lot too lol. And I'm pretty sure I've done the same thing in public, just never had anyone ballsy enough to tell me not to scold my husband!

  3. : ( sorry ali! i have to say, though, i love mckay's post.

  4. Lovely family!
    I love the story, sorry you had to feel like that after going into walmart!


  5. Don't worry, there are ups and downs, in every family. I'm sure tomorrow the sun will shine again.

  6. Aww, don't worry! I would have done the same to be honest. I'm impatient like that ;) x

  7. Awwww... I think I would have done the same thing lol

  8. well that's a pretty cute apology note if i ever heard one!


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