Friday, August 3, 2012

This is a mom bun.

Three days. Unwashed. Whatever.

We went on a walk today! Jax is loving it outside. He loves to pick up rocks, pick up sticks and walk down the sidewalk with no pants on. This little boy has the skinniest waist and legs, nothing stays on.
We took him to a park last night to play and of course "socialize" with other kids. What do you do when you are 22, married with a kid and have no friends with babies?
I don't know...take your kid to the park and let him play with strangers??
That's what we did!
A little boy at the park started tickling Jax's feet and talking about his "moohowk."
A few other ones played with him on the slide. Jax was fearless- he turned around and slid right down on his belly just like we taught him to do on the stairs! McKay and I just looked at each other like, do you think this is okay??...
Anyways, Jax loved it lots and made tons of new friends. Little boys are hilarious. I'm so glad I had one. And while we were there, I couldn't care less about germs-
and I'm not even on my second baby yet!


  1. Jax is so adorable! I want to pinch his cheek! U look lovely, love ur dress! I hope if I became a mum I am as lovely as u. Following u on GFC dear. Have a great weekend. Kissess for Jax


    1. Aww thank girlie! You definitely would be! :)

  2. Ok, I thought your post title was, "This is a Mom BUM!" Not, bun. Haha. Oops. You should move to Utah. Then you could hang out with me and my babies.

  3. How does you hair look that good after three days?! Love it!

    xoxo Abbie

  4. your son is so cute and your outfit beautiful!:)

  5. He's adorable!! Love the stripes on your outfit, you look lovely as a mom :)


  6. I'm really enjoying reading your posts. You are such a nice familly.

    I would be honored if you checkout my latest DIY bracelets post.

  7. aw! teeny tiny waisted boy! i like all your're so very americana!

  8. Love love love! Where did you get that dress?!


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