Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something I don't want to forget about my husband

We had an argument on the night of our anniversary. We couldn't agree on where to go after dinner. At odds, we decided to go home and just play with Jax. When he went to bed, so did we- facing separate walls and slow to fall asleep- upset about how the night could have gone better. 

The next morning, McKay woke up before me and left for work. The house was quiet and I rolled over in bed to find a glass of orange juice, a plate of breakfast, and a note that read, 

I made you breakfast this morning, but then realized you would 
probably like to sleep more than wake up and eat. I want to tell you 
I'm sorry...I just want you to know that I love you.

That is what I want to remember about our anniversary.

Two people. Imperfect. Trying. Really in love.
And that feeling I had when he came home for lunch that day.

Hope nothing ever changes.


  1. That is so sweet, and so true - you might have rough times in a relationship, but the good times and why you love each other is so much more important that a small quarrell x

  2. That's so sweet and romantic! :) Thanks for your comment, loved ur style!

  3. OOOH GOD, I was just about to cry... That's sooooo nice. :) Btw, I really like your blog, it's so original and inspiring. Want to have a look at mine, and follow each other? xx

  4. thank you for your comment! this is sooo sweet. you are right relationships are not easy and there are times when everything is sunshine and rainbows hahah but if you love someone then you make it work through all times :D


  5. New reader.. Truly love that story. It's just so perfect. Love your blog and Jax is so cute haha xx Jessica

  6. Love this post. So real and so cute. And relatable. Makes me happy. (ps. I've been kinda on and off reading your blog for a while now.... It's very cute. Got the link from jan Clark's page... Who I went to high school with and I kinda knew McKay in college. ... He was friends with my cousin, michael Simpson.... Anywho.... Long story short... It's a small world... And your blog is fun to read..... The end) :)

    1. hahaha thank you! And it is a small world! :)


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