Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things he waited for

 I've never been a huge fan of watching cartoons as an adult.
It's probably sad and heartless, but when people at BYU-I got together to watch Toy Story on a Saturday night, I definitely did not participate.
Two hours squished on a couch with fifteen other people watching The Incredibles?
No thank you. I'll watch Gossip Girl in my room alone.

When I met McKay, I quickly learned that he absolutely loved the movie Madagascar.
Loved it.
Once we watched it and I have to admit, I loved it too. However, I doubt that I watched the whole entire thing. He told me when we were dating that he couldn't wait to watch it with our kids. Cute, I thought- and continued to shut him down every time he suggested we watch it alone on a date night.

This morning I was cleaning and walked past our bonus room to see a cute teary-eyed dad and a sweet little boy cuddling- watching Madagascar. They were at the part when the baby lion gets taken away from his dad. "I'm just thinking about me and Jax," McKay said.

And I think I fell in love a little more.

No, I still don't want to watch it. 


Oh, and Jax ate some gravel today.


  1. I love you Ali. Thanks for sharing a highlight of your Saturday. Oh, I love McKay and Jax too!

    Oh, you were so sweet to call me on my birthday . . . . I totally forget it was your 2nd anniversary!

    So, happy anniversary McKay and Ali . . . several days late!

    You guys are ABSOLUTELY awesome.


  2. i abhor cartoons. robbie has gotten upset with me on more than one occasion that i don't want to sit with him on the couch watching saturday morning cartoons & eating cereal. but, uhm, admittedly...i also really lucked out because i've managed to get the boy beyond addicted to gossip girl, so at least we can share in the endless joys of that together.

    but also that anecdote about mckay tearing up was really, really sweet.

    and also my dog eats gravel. so they have that in common.

  3. Love your blog too! :) And I have to admit, I definitely am the same way. Cartoons are never my first pick, but I'm always pleasantly surprised after I do watch them.


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