Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rose, Thorn, Bud


Yep, I'm a mama of a boy. Yep, I kiss rocks.

Below right describes pretty much our entire day:

  • Since I always crave donuts on Sundays, McKay's friend Caleb and his gf bought us donuts last night. How amazing it was to come downstairs (on Sunday) and see donuts on my counter. Thanks guys!
  • McKay forgave me for being mean to him today.
  • Jax kissed me about 30 times. Nothing is better than those baby kisses...even if he sneaks a bite in there now and then!
  • I have three separate bouquets of fresh flowers in my house and I love that! That never happens.
  • I avoided the Green Bean Casserole guy at church today. I still haven't made it.

  • So far today....I've eaten a donut, fruit snacks, muffin, and cookies. I'm still being tempted by the Haagen Dazs in our freezer. I have yet to figure out dinner. Yes, I know it's five.
  • Today, I described someone as having "eighties hair" to a person that has eighties hair. Luckily she said that she doesn't "get offended easily." Umm. Yes. I'm going to go die now.
  • Jax threw a giant fit today in our family room. Consequently, he banged his head on the side of the couch and got his first black & blue nose. We are not quite sure what the smartest ways to handle fits are. Do you just react right away and try to figure out something they want, or do you ignore it until they start head-butting furniture? My mom said she doesn't know because none of her kids did that. greattttt.

  • McKay and I made a goal today to "prioritize" our lives better. We made some goals for this week and I am very excited.
  • This week I will complete my "Challenge". I am very excited that I won't have to dress every day ever, EVER again. hahaha just kiddinggg. 
  • I now have three full weeks of just me, McKay and Jax. I love visitors, but I am really excited to have my little family to myself, my little house to myself, my little TV to myself...basically I can't wait to be anti-social for a while. Everyone needs that sometimes I think.
  • I ordered a rug a bazillion years ago and it is finally supposed to be here on Thursday. I better still like it because my style may have changed, due to Pinterest...kidding, it didn't.


  1. Is that Mckay in the bottom picture corner?! Why is he being creepy!? haha. Love you, Ali. Your blog is a highlight of my day everyday!!

    1. hahaha yes that is him! I know...he is a CREEPER! Thank you so much Jan! I love you! I SO hope we get to see you guys soon!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Your little man looks about the age of my little man :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. aw thanks for sharing, enjoy your time!

  4. what gorgeous pictures!

  5. When my kids throw a tantrum, fit, etc. I say something like this, "I love you and this behavior I not acceptable." then I will physically remove them from the current location/situation and put them somewhere else. Sometimes it was the crib. Sometimes it was a stair step. Depended on the age. Today, the bed in their bedroom is a "timeout" spot. Always, there is age appropriate dialog about what happened. One year old is not too young to start.

    You are a great mom!

  6. shut up you're so cute. don't stop getting dressed pleaseeee. but really, i spend most days in my fave jammies too.

  7. I just found your blog. You have the cutest family! Love your style.
    New follower!


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