Monday, August 13, 2012

On moms and rap and happy moods

 Shirt/Hat/Shoes: Nords; Pants: Gap; Jewelry: F21

Okay, so I have to admit that I am a little out-of-the loop when it comes to music. The other day, I heard someone say "dub-step," and I have no idea what that is. When McKay and I met, he wrinkled his nose at me when he found out what I liked. County and "mainstream..." 
Like it's a bad thing to like mainstream stuff? It's mainstream because everyone likes it. 
duh, McKay.

Anyways, the moment that we saw this video, our two differing music views became one and our marriage became perfect (kidding, haha). But really, we love this. We listen to it ALL THE TIME. I have danced with Jax to it since he was a newborn. It makes me happy when I am grumpy. It makes me feel like a cool mom because I know all the words to a rap song. And it really just makes Mondays much better.

You have to watch this video though to feel the real connection.

If you cry when Simon talks, it's okay. I do too.

P.S. Jax dances just like LA Ried


  1. That peplum shirt is just amazing! Looks lovely on you!


  2. SO glad you came by my blog so I could find yours. You have to be the cutest mom I've ever seen! And one that raps? You go, girl! Love the peplum top and cannot wait to keep up with your cute family via the blog!

    Have a great week!

    It's an Easy Life

  3. I love that song too! I tear up every time!

  4. I'm so glad you commented on my bog because now I have found yours!!! First of all you are GORGEOUS, second of all your FAMILY is GORGEOUS! Def following you now!
    Obviously Obsessed 

  5. This outfit is soooo cute! you have the best body!

  6. cute outfit! We are Chris Rene fans as well!

  7. i saw this guy and loved it too!!!

  8. I love this outfit! so perfectly, effortlessly, chic. gorgeous, lady! xo.


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