Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rose, Thorn, Bud

  • Last night we had a date and the romance is still alive in the Walker household. I guess I will just leave that open for interpretation...mostly it means we haven't annoyed each other yet.
  • Jax was naughty today during church so we went on a mommy/son walk for basically three hours straight. I was looking at him in the window reflection as he was walking, pretty much in amazement of how cute he is. Sorry to sound braggy, but he is pretty dang cute!
  • My house is clean for the first time in, well, a LONG time. 
  • Today in the car I was just looking at McKay and I had one of those moments where I was like Wow, my husband is really hot. I like those moments. I get the butterflies and those are the best!
  • The guy was not at church today who always asks me if I've made a Green Bean Casserole yet. For that, I am grateful because I definitely did not make it...yet...which I WILL. This week.

  • Our house is 87 billion degrees. I am scared to turn on a fan because I worry that Jax would stick his hand in there and chop his finger off so for now, we will lay around in our underwear and complain.
  • This past week our neighbors have been pouring concrete in their backyard. McKay and I both thought it was kind of weird until we realized yesterday that it was a sports court. Now McKay thinks it is "awesome." I think it is a nightmare...considering that I can't even stand the sound of a door basketball hoop. 
  • This week Jax has his shots. I don't even want to talk about it. 

  • You know when you see something you want and then when you can't stop thinking about it, you then know that you for sure need it? Well, Gap friends/family sale is this week and I am getting those pants (thank you Ashley!!!) :)
  • Fall will officially being in just about one month. I love the fall. I can't wait to make pumpkin desserts, smell the fall air and brainstorm Halloween costumes (for Jax, not me).
  • Jax has a play date this week with the cutest little girl from church. I am very excited! It's his first real play date ever.
  • I am baby hungry. No, I'm not pregnant...but today at church I just couldn't stop staring at the babies. Jax is not tiny anymore. Right after we were married, McKay would tell me that if I could "count ten pregnant ladies," at church, we could have a baby. I guess I need to start counting the pregnant ladies. Kidding, but someday soon.


  1. "You know when you see something you want and then when you can't stop thinking about it, you then know that you for sure need it?"

    david always rolls his eyes at me when i do this, but i totally obsess over stuff i want that bad! i just ordered a petunia picklebottom bag this week FINALLY because i've been neeeeeeding it since i first got pregnant. that's like a full year now of needing something, which i think warrants a purchase.

  2. Ali,
    If you were come down to my ward you would find more then 10 pregnant women in my ward we are crawling with them. There is probably someone announcing every week now. I love your blog PS
    Love, Megan Kofford

  3. I'm totally the same about the seeing and the wanting and the needing! I'll sleep on it for a few nights, but sure enough next time I'm at the shops somehow it just ends up in my basket....Terrible! haha ;)

    Life etc

  4. Girl I am TOTALLY with you on waiting for Fall. I'm so done with being sweaty and hot (I've been living in a garage, so I totally feel you on the climate situation too) and I cannot WAIT for all things fall (tights. pumpkins. Costumes for everyone). Also I love that you made a little deal to maybe have a baby, this weekend my boyfriend and I made a hasty deal that if Galen Rupp won the gold in the 10K we would get married. He got silver, c'est la vie.

    perfectly priya

  5. I can just picture you with a sports court in your backyard... NOT!


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