Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Story for Ya...

Baby screaming. Disaster kitchen. Dinner to make. Party to plan. Laundry to do.
quick story...

A couple weekends ago we went to the city. Whenever we go there, we go to Anthropologie. It's just a rule. The boys were in H&M and I was at Anthro, just wandering around. I saw this little hat on a table and picked it up. It was the only one. There is one problem I have with hats... I have a huge head. You might not know by looking, but I do. I promise. Most hats don't fit me. This hat...doesn't really fit me. 

I knew it was too small, but it was very cute, so I just wanted to carry it around for a while...know what I mean? McKay walks in and asks about the hat. 

Me: "Oh...I'm not going to get head is too doesn't fit."

McKay: "Oh, okay..."

Me: "...dang...I really wish it fit. I really love it."

McKay: "Then get it."

Me: "'s too small..."

Lady across the store: "Excuse me...I heard you talking about how that hat didn't fit or something...If you're not going to get it...I'll take it!"

Me: "...I'm getting it."

So I got it.

I sat in the back seat with Jax on the way home and stretched it with all of my strength!

It kinda fits.

Moral of the story: Don't show interest in something if there is only one of them...and someone else is holding it. It will make them want it more. Just wait for them to put it down, and... 
you know what to do from there.



  1. seriously LOL!!!

    I think we have ALL been there! You are admiring the item and contemplating, if no one came, you probably would have left and got over it. BUT.... because she wanted it, you had power and said, actually NO, I am getting! LOL.

    ::i love your style:::-- even if its too small, its yours!!


  2. Hahaha that is adorable!!

  3. Love that hat! I wish I was brave enough to rock one. You look great!

    xoxo Abbie

  4. Hahaha good story! I'm the same - I have a really big head too! So I have a collection of hats that I really liked, bought, but they don't really fit... ;)

    Life Etc

  5. i love the hat!! good choice to get it! it looks adorable and you so don't look like you have a big head, ha!

  6. Could you be any cuter??? Nope. I love the hat, too!

  7. Aww such a cute hat! Haha so true, she should have waited... but then you wouldn't have your fabulous hat! ;)

  8. Haha!I have the same problem!No hats fit me,but I'm always determined and stretch the life out of it!

    P.S.So glad I found your blog! :)

  9. It looks like it totally fits you! I can see why you fell in's unique and quirky and really fun and cute :) Plus it's an easy thing to throw on in the summer to jazz up a relaxed outfit.

    I'm new to your blog and really loving your delightful posts...your hubby's name is McKay??? That is such a great name, mine is Drayton so it's also unusual :) Definitely following you!

    <3 Cambria

    1. Love the name Drayton! I like unusual names too! :)

  10. Great moral of the story! The hat look amazing on you, such a great piece for summer :)

    - J

  11. oh gosh, your moral of the story is SO true. it's best when you're at a thrift store & you see someone across the way pick up something fantastic, and you just wait, tacitly, for her to stick it back on the rack... and then you make a beeline for it. ha! she'll know better now. and, by the way, it's SO cute! so a perfect fit or not, i'm glad you snatched it up!

  12. Hahaha oh i love you. I saw an infomercial for a spray that stretches things out. Too bad i didnt actually watch it haha. Its really cute though!


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