Tuesday, July 24, 2012

McKay's Birthday List.

It was really REALLY sunny today.

We're still learning how to take pictures in the sun. So, this skirt...
Last week, I went to the mall with Jason and my brother. They thought this skirt was ugly. They brought it to me as a joke. I loved it. I bought it.
What do boys know anyways?

Change of subject.

I need to get this guy a birthday present.

I don't want to.

Because these are the things he wants:

1. Thing controlled by i-Phone. $300. No.

2. Faucet with a blue/red, cold/hot light. No.

3. Kitten that looks like a bobcat. 
Last kitten peed on our carpet four times.
(still trying to get the smell out of the bathroom)

Any ideas?


  1. Ali, that is so funny! Boys want the most EXPENSIVE toys!

    I love the lace crop top, looks great with the bright pink skirt!


  2. you look amazing!! Great skirt!

  3. Hahaha that last bit about the birthday presents is so funny! I'm in the exact same boat - except my man doesn't have any ideas at all about what he wants (not even ridiculous ones!) Love your outfit too :)

    Life Etc

  4. A surprise birthday party and maybe a watch.
    Boys love watches as much as girls love shoes.


  5. Cute! I love your top!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  6. once i made david a coupon book with some funny things (dinner at places he likes and i hate, renting a denzel movie, a back scratch, a sink full of dishes) and some sexy things and it was seriously his favorite gift ever. he hung onto it for months and would cash them at the most random times and make me initial the coupon and everything. hilarious. aaaaand it was practically free to make, so double win.


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