Sunday, June 3, 2012


For Memorial Day weekend we got to go to our Pinkhouse! It was a blast, as always. Even though we don't have our old Pinkhouse anymore, wherever grandma and grandpa are is the Pinkhouse to me.
So we still have our it's just red and grey!

Jax had fun going to the pond with grandma and getting sticks. 

The boys worked on getting things ready for the summer. One thing they did was put docks in the FREEZING water. Some of the boys even chose to wear women's wetsuits, haha.
THAT'S how cold it was.

Jared was so cold that he decided to just chill on the dock!

While the boys were in the water, McKay realized that he didn't want to get his watch wet, so he threw it to me. It landed in the grass and I forgot about Bella, my family's naughty dog. She got the watch and we were all trying to catch her and get her to stop running. She is "still a puppy" so she has a hard time listening when she is excited. We were all yelling at her and trying to blockade her, but nothing worked. Even Ron was trying to catch her and get the watch.

Guess who finally caught her...

She wrestled Bella and got the watch!
Don't mess with our grandma.

Mom bathed and cuddled with the Jaxers.

Laci and Lexi build a sand chair.

One of Jax's favorite things to do was play in the sand with grandma. He loved to pick up the rocks and put them in the bucket!

Cutest boy around. 

McKay helped Laci learn how to tie her shoe! It was so cute. I love watching him with my little sisters. 

Chelsi put Jax's feet in the water! It was a little cold...
(she ALSO got engaged this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! )

He is getting so good at standing up! 

Trying to get Laci's ice cream, haha

I took him on the wave runner for the first time! He didn't love his lifejacket, but he looked SO dang cute in it! 

Almost everyone played on the huge water trampoline. I thought they were was so cold. I am kind of a huge wimp with cold water!

And now for the almost-grand finale...the story of the KITTEN!

Lexi was having a hard day, so McKay and I took her and Laci to town to get some ice cream and treats. While we were there, they got some water guns, but McKay had to run back into the store to exchange one that was broken. That's when I saw the little kittens. I parked and told Lexi and Laci to come with me, just to "look." Right when McKay came out, he walked over and fell in love...for the first time, with a kitten. I was so used to bringing random animals home to my mom, that of course, we brought her home. The drive back to the Pinkhouse was when I realized that I was an adult now and that this was actually my kitten. That's when I began to have second thoughts. 

We showed the kitten to Jax, and he wasn't too sure about her. He was actually a little rough with her.
(Red flag #1)

Then, my mom said "And kittens can live fifteen years! You could have this kitten until Jax is fifteen!"

(Red flag #2)

It was hard though, to think about giving her away, when McKay was THIS happy...
I mean...look at him! 

So in love...and obviously forgetting we have a son.
(kidding McKay...haha)

When we were getting ready to leave, McKay and I started having to switch off who would watch Jax and who would watch the kitten.

(Red flag #3)

Then, we got home with her, and she peed on our carpet.

(Red flag #4)

The next day she also peed on our carpet...and the next day.
(Red flags 5 & 6)
That day, she went to her new home.

We will always love "Benjals" and be grateful for the time we had with her. We are going to wait until Jax is a little older to get a kitten. 

If you're wondering how McKay is doing, it's still a struggle, as you can imagine, but he's getting a little better every day. 

Haha. I know...I am a mean wife.

And now for the REAL grand-finale...
my favorite pictures from the trip!

Jaxers got to ride on my grandpa's lawnmower with him for the first time! It's kind of a tradition with the babies. My grandpa is always working so hard from morning till night to make sure we are all having fun. He makes us breakfast, teaches us new thing, builds us stuff, fixes everything, tells us stories, and is just the best grandpa! Every morning Jax would wake up early before anyone else was awake...except for my grandpa...who was always already up and doing something!

Anyways...I just love these pictures. And I love my grandpa.

And Jax loves him too! 

The end!

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