Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Chad is doing his FINAL writing project for school. That means I am done with homework until he starts college in September!!! kidding... ;) 

Anyways, the assignment was to pick a song and talk about how it relates to you. We have both been going through lots of songs to find one that is relevant, "cool," not embarrassing and "not too deep." I don't really go through my iTunes very much at all, but tonight I was and it made me think back to my high school/college fun. You know when you hear a song and it just brings back lots of memories? Well that has been happening tonight...a lot. I have been lucky to have some really really good friends....who I need to catch up with! Here are some songs that struck a cord with me tonight (no pun intended) HA... and girls who I miss very very much (among many others).

Body Language- Jesse McCartney 

Okay- so whenever I hear this song, I think about us driving around in the "mustache mini" and (you know)...driving around parking lots...? haha. I remember you called me when I was in Washington and you were like "Al, you seriously have to watch this music video...I love his shoes." Haha. Ever since we met, we have been best friends. You are probably more like me than anyone else I have ever met. I SO wish we lived close and I think about coming to Utah pretty much every day. Some of my best memories in college were with you. I am so glad we had each other there to share clothes, save parking places, give beauty tips, shop and mostly just be there for each other. I know that we will always be friends no matter how far away we are. 

Touch My Hand- David Archuleta

You are on a mission right now and I just got a letter from you! I miss you and the days of us dancing in the car to this song (and people watching us and thinking we are CRAZY). I remember rolling the windows down in the summer and driving like crazy women blasting this song. We have so many memories together. You really are like my sister. I think I have laughed more with you and Haley than anyone else in my life. I look up to you in so many ways- mostly how happy and bubbly you are ALL the time. I miss being around you all the time because your happiness is contagious! I can't wait for you to get home (and get married). :)

Nothing's Bigger Than Love- My Favorite Highway

K- so obviously this makes me think of Ecuador, but I am so glad we had each other at college too. You were always my one "neutral" friend who I could talk to about everything and tell anything too. You helped me through more than you probably know- First of all, I don't know what I would have done without you in Ecuador. Probably just suffered depression and wanted to go home the whole entire time. You were the one really there when I was dating McKay, getting engaged, etc. You were there for pretty much all the major, most important parts of my life! I miss standing in the middle of Ecuador busses with you and screaming, thinking we are going to die and also hearing stories of you chasing your friend and "falling down the stairs." haha. I love you Ki and I can't wait till we can go to Cocoa Bean in September! :) 

Secrets- One Republic

When I think about my best friends and "sisters" in college, I always think of you. We have had more memories than I could begin to count. We learned how to live on our own together. I think that we both taught each other things and helped each other be who we are today. I am so glad that we had each other in school. I seriously don't know what I would have done without you. We liked a lot of songs, but for some reason this song always reminds me of you! I think because you found it and we were both so obsessed with it! I also remember walking around campus and singing "Love Story" with you too...haha. I miss you and I am so excited for you and your baby boy. You are going to be the BEST mom!

Marry Me- Train

Okay, so obviously this song reminds me of you and CLAY, but whenever I hear this song, I think about your wedding and how neat it was to be there and see you so happy! I remember the first night we met, we talked until four in the morning and I just felt like I had known you forever! I wish so bad that we lived closer and we could do all of our wife things together. Most of my favorite college memories are probably with you and Courtney. #1 is "Mother's in Zion," obviously. You are one of the funniest girls I know. I feel like we are always laughing about something when we are together. It was so much fun driving back and forth between Utah and Idaho to visit each other during school. We always had so much fun. I have lots of pictures of us, but this picture is one of my favorites because you are doing the "look"- which we did a lot to each other when we were with Court (we love you Court!!)  :)

The One I'm Waiting For- The Click Five song of HUNDREDS that we have. I think that this is one of my favorites though- obviously because when we were at their concert you dove into the crowd and wrestled a girl for the guitar pick so we could have it! You really are my best friend, sister and everything in-between. We have been together through pretty much everything...every phase (awkward, fat, skinny, etc.), every problem, every experience. No matter where we live, what we're doing, or where we're at in life, we always understand each other and know what to say. Thinking about all of our memories is overwhelming so I will just say one word: spoons. Oh, and two more words: "Excuse. you."

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