Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eleven Months!

are you getting sick of these pajamas yet? ha!

My baby boy turned eleven months today! Can you believe it?! I can't. This is SUCH a fun age! It seems like he does some cute new thing every day. All throughout the day I just hug him and hold him and even that doesn't satisfy how much I crave just kissing his face and cuddling him constantly! I can never get enough. He is my little sidekick and best friend. He makes me so happy every day! 
I don't know how in the world I ever lived without my Jaxers.
I must have been so bored!

Eleven Months

Waves, claps, high-fives, kisses
Loves strawberries, melons, and goldfish
Can take about five steps!
Stands up all by himself
Loves to play with rocks
Sips out of straws
Loves to kiss pictures of Jesus (*cute story to follow)
Climbs up the stairs and slides down them on his tummy!
Loves to shred toilet paper rolls
HATES to have his diaper changed
Can drink water out of a sippy cup
Loves ice cream (shhh!)
Loves to play in the grass
Bounces when music is on
Becomes completely silent and attentive during Baby Boost
Goes to bed between nine and ten
Sleeps in his CRIB!! (As of last week-ish)
Falls asleep all by himself
Still only two teeth (bottom ones)
Says "dada," "mama," and "ball"
Gets scared when mom and dad wrestle (or anyone)
Loves Lexi more than any one else
"Talks" to my grandpa
Loves to read books with mom
Cuddles on our shoulders
Is so excited when daddy comes home
Opens and closes his hand when he wants something
Knows what "no, no" means...and laughs!
Hates to sit in shopping carts, strollers, etc.
Does really good in his car seat now
LOVES to be outside
Is not scared of water...or ladybugs
Likes to splash in the hot tub
Talks to other kids at the store (SO cute...he is VERY friendly!)
Likes to help mom push the cart
Thinks the vacuum is very entertaining
Eats oatmeal now!
Loves to play with the broom...?
Arches his back when he wants to get down (mostly in stores...)
Will easily go to strangers...this worries me.
Does not last in Relief Society...we walk out about three times...
Loves to pet animals
Loves applesauce and yogurt
Smiles for the camera
Is learning to fold his arms for prayer
Head-butts us (one time he scratched my grandma really hard in the face and then head-butted her. It was sad, but funny...sorry grandma...haha)
Hates to get dressed
All of the sudden- loves baby food
Still in size four diapers...almost out of them
Size 12-18 or 18-24 mo. clothes
Pulls all his socks off
Loves to open/close cupboards and doors

*Since we have moved, we haven't have any pictures of Jesus in our home. I really really wanted Jax to recognize who He is, so when my mom and I were at the church bookstore, I bought a little picture just to show Jax every day. Ever since the first time I showed Jax the picture, he holds it in his hands, smiles and just kisses it over and over. It is the neatest thing. I know that Jax knows Him and remembers being with Him before He came to earth. It makes me want to try harder every day to be better myself, so I can always help Jax to keep that special connection and testimony he already has. Every morning when we're eating breakfast, we look at the picture and talk about who He is. I am so grateful to have my pure, perfect, special little boy to be an example to me.

Love you Jaxers. I am so grateful that I get to be your mommy.

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