Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Lovin'!

The sibs are out of school and summer has begun! 
To McKay, it may not seem like it, due to the rain...but to me, TOTALLY summer.
My mom and I took the girls and Jaxers to the beach last week. When I pulled up, I noticed that we came on the perfect day. There was a Farmer's Market! It was so much fun. We walked around, got ice cream, and then played in the sand and rocks. It was much-needed...especially for Jax. I wake up every day thinking okay...I am just going to spend ALL day playing with Jax...it never happens...
So, we just had to get out of the house and go to the beach! We will be getting out of the house a LOT this summer.

We were trying to get the girls to smile and my mom told them to think about Cody. They got sad because they miss him so much...haha

I am still trying to be good at photography. But I'm not.
None of my pictures turn out sharp. I think it might be my lens...or just me.
I don't know...any suggestions?

My sisters are still cute...even in un-sharp pictures.
I love them!

Mom/grandma was teaching Jax how to throw rocks! Jax LOVES rocks!

And I love Jax!

It's so fun watching Jax discover new things. I love his little hands and feet playing in the rocks!

Grandma and grandpa got home from the lake and called us right when they got home. We told them we were at the beach and they drove down. We were so excited! We miss them so much when they are at the lake! Now they are gone again...haha.

Jared had a "few" friends over the next day, on his last day of school. By few I mean like 20. Grandma Go-go was over and so excited to have so many kids to talk to. 

She pretty much followed them everywhere:

It was a nice day so we played in the pool and hot tub. Jaxers came in with us! He loves it! We just strip him down and put him in. It doesn't bother Laci because "he is just a baby," but Lexi is still kind of grossed out... I love it! Naked baby bums are the best!

My grandma and grandpa have a really fun yard to play in. I never used to hang out on the grass as a teenager, but with Jax, it's so much fun. He LOVES the grass and loves holding ladybugs, picking flowers and crawling (and walking) around outside.

He stands up all by himself and will take a few steps. He is getting very very close to walking!

I love these pictures of grandma helping Jax walk.

Oops! She accidentally tripped over Jax!
Don't worry...she's okay. She was laughing! haha

We planned to go on a date Friday night, but we were just so tired. Instead, we just got into our jammies and chilled at home! It was a nice weekend just being together and relaxing!


  1. I laughed so hard at the pictures of go go following Jared and his friends around. bahahhaha.

  2. oh, how fun! & i think the photos look just fine. what camera model do you use? you take so many portraits, i'd highly recommend getting a 50mm 1.4 if you haven't yet. it's one of the best -- and least expensive -- lenses for portraiture. i use it for like 80% of my shots! xo.

  3. Oh he is so cute! I can't stop laughing about gogo at Jared's party!


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