Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We have had lots and lots of sun here in Washington these past few days! We are loving it. Sun just makes me happier. We have been playing at the beach, going on walks and GARDENING. Yes...I am a true wife and mom now because I even have a garden! At least...that's how it makes me feel.
On my free time yesterday, I even went to a nursery and picked up some new flowers. I really love it! 

Anyways, we had a very fun weekend. Weekends are something we have had to work on as a family. We had a bad habit of either doing absolutely nothing (which made us feel lazy and horrible by Saturday night) or trying to do absolutely everything (all of our projects that needed to be finished...which usually made us tired and very grumpy). Instead, we now get a few things done early in the morning and then we play for the rest of the day! These past three weekend have been very very happy! They are usually a mixture of cleaning/painting/other house stuff in the morning (I'm happy), sports (McKay's happy), yummy food (all happy), shopping (I'm happy), and play (Jax happy). I know it still seems like most of those things benefit me, but you just don't understand how boring sports are.

In the end, we are all happy.

This weekend, we got to hang out with McKay's best friend Paul and his wife who are here for the summer. They also brought their two cute nephews who are HILARIOUS. We all had so much fun and laughed A LOT. We grabbed some snacks and went to the beach. I was a little bummed because I didn't think about bringing bread to feed the birds, but then we had the idea to feed them goldfish crackers. The little boys put them on a log for the crows...

...and it WORKED! The crows loved them. 

We all made sure to keep our distance so that the crows wouldn't get scared away. Then a little boy (in the red sweatshirt) came over and wanted to join in on the fun. Our boys were a little nervous that he would scare away the crows and so McKay called him the "rebel boy" and after that, it just became the name we all used for him!

(He was very cute though and just wanted to watch the crows too I guess!)

Jaxers on his daddy

Not in high school anymore... :)

I know that ice cream is a "no no" at nine months...but I don't care.
I'm a fun mom.

And McKay is a fun dad!

And Jax loves ice cream!

Cute Family!

We had so much fun with Paul and Kallene. I am so happy that they are here for the summer! I hope they just move here someday for good!

After the beach we went and got some flowers at Home Depot (which began my gardening love) and then we went and played laser tag with my family. It was the funniest and funnest thing ever. Pictures of that will come!


And this pic is actually from Family Night last night...we just love the beach!


  1. oh, we totally have that some dilemma with weekends -- it's a tough balance. also BRAVO to you for giving him ice cream, i totally endorse his early introduction to that treat.


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