Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One of Those Days

You know those days that you wake up exhausted with a sore throat and then you go downstairs to eat and feed your child, but he doesn't really want to eat and you are trying really hard to stay positive even though you already feel like crying and it's only 9 am because you have so much to do, then you are having people over for dinner so you start getting it ready and before you know it, your kitchen is a disaster, your baby is at your feet screaming and you have barely gotten anything done, then you realize that you have errands to run and that you still haven't showered and you are debating whether to tell your husband to come home and help but you feel bad so you don't, then he comes home magically and takes your child and runs the errand, then he comes back and you feel even worse because he didn't even get to eat lunch on his break, and your baby is still fussy and won't eat/sleep and all you want to do is take him to the park and push him on a swing and not think about anything else, but you have a mandatory to-do list, so you stick him in his swing and he falls asleep, then you eat lunch and are so happy to have five minutes to relax but right when you sit down you hear screaming from upstairs? Oh...and you STILL need to do dinner and vacuum your dirty carpet and probably force-feed your child.

YES. I am having one of those days.

*As a side note, I really really appreciate my husband. Not only does he spend 80% of his breaks helping me with whatever I am doing, but he also is the most patient person in the world. He hugs me when I am mean to him, he makes me laugh when I want to cry and he is always on my team. I love you McKay.

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