Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been debating whether to post this, but I really want some input, so here we go!

Here I am, hiding with my dessert from McKay.

I have a love/not love relationship with nursing (didn't want to use the word "hate"). I love everything about it but a few little things. One thing that I DO love is the "eat anything you want and not really gain anything effect." I love that because I love to eat. The thing is, Jax will be a year in three months, and while he is still nursing, it is slowing down A LOT. My appetite is not slowing down. I'm not sure if I'm hungry all the time because i'm nursing...or hungry all the time because I really just require constant food now...mostly I am scared.

Growing up, my appetite has always fluctuated a little. In high school I would say that I ate an average amount. In college, I think that I added to that a little more...the "Freshman 15" happened. By the time I met McKay, I constantly snacked which made some frustrating moments for me in our relationship. Sometimes, we would go to Dominos and get a pizza. I remember going back to McKay's apartment and wanting like four pieces. Obviously, I had to eat one and then pretend like I had to "stuff" down the second. McKay would always ask if I "was sure" I didn't want anymore, and then he would give the rest to his roomates. It was a little painful.

The worst moment was the time that McKay and I want to Wendy's. I got a chicken burger. I was seriously starving after. By the time we got to the place we were going, I started getting mad at McKay (for some reason...??) Actually, I remember. The reason was because McKay honestly ALWAYS ate less than me. Anyways...I ended up making an excuse to leave. McKay wondered why I was leaving in such a rush. I was rushing to Dairy Queen to get the hugest sundae they had. Then I sat in the parking lot and called my mom and complained about how McKay barely ate anything and didn't like desserts.

When we got married, I got our wedding pictures back and didn't really love how I looked. I got pregnant three months later and pregnancy=sick=no appetite. Jax was born, I have always nursed. I lost pregnancy weight really quick. It has been great! But nursing has been slowing down.

We eat pretty healthy around here. I am not a huge junk food eater. I rarely buy junk food. However, I really like making desserts. McKay got me a bread machine and I figured out how to make cinnamon rolls finally. I make them all the time. I actually made up a joke, which McKay thinks is really stupid:

"You know that you have a problem when you use dental floss more to make cinnamon rolls than you do to floss your teeth."

(he just told me again "It's not funny at all.")

Anyways- I need to start to cool it with the food. I don't eat sugar all day...I just EAT all day. I am always hungry. I am actually embarrassed at my family's house because I am always hungry.

So this is where I need the advice. Is it normal to be so hungry while nursing? Do the pounds just pile on when you stop? What are some healthy snacks that fill you up? (Sorry...cucumbers, celery, etc. do not do it for me)...

I really don't want to get fat.


  1. I was starving when I was nursing. And, I wasn't a lucky one who lost all my weight nursing. After I wad done nursing I lost 10 pounds. And I have maintained my weight. I also love to eat, I just don't snack a ton. And focus more on meals. Nuts (almonds), greem yogurt, popcorn are great healthy, filling snacks. And for the record, I think you have always been tiny!!

    1. Thanks Taylor! Those are good ideas! :)

    2. PS have always looked great. You and Haley seriously have the tiniest waists I have ever seen and I am so jealous!

  2. It's totally normal. When you nurse you burn a lot of calories, so your body wants to compensate by prompting you to eat. *It's ok if you eat through out the day, just make sure it's healthy (or semi healthy) stuff--otherwise you will regret it. Try pita chips with hummus, apples with peanut butter, or a fruit salad. Those are my main 3 snacks. *GOOD LUCK!

    1. Thank you! Hope you guys are doing good! Your baby boy is so cute!!

  3. I am so jealous. I am trying so hard to losevweight and be healthy but just cant. When i tried cutting my portions my milk supply really suffered. So be careful of that when cutting your calories. Anyway. I love cottage cheese with strawberries. My family loves cottage cheese with banana, crushed almonds, and cinnamon. That just sounds gross to me. I also frequently eat apples and string cheese and a few almonds. But that definitely isnt as good as cinnamon rolls. ;)

    1. Seriously! Nothing is as good as cinnamon rolls. Oh well...hahaha. I really am happy while i'm eating one (or two)...but not so happy after when I feel disgusting. Anyways...I actually like cottage cheese too so I should try that!

  4. I don't know if this is completely accurate, but here's my thinking. For meals and snacks, try and eat wisely. Find recipes that are filling and healthy. Then if you feel like making cinnamon rolls, go for it! :) I've started eating a large Fuji apple, yogurt, string cheese, nuts, popcorn etc for a snack, or as part of my lunch. One recipe I really like is:
    filling, but only 164 calories per cup (without cheese). Good luck! :)

  5. Oh goddness, im like this Already!! Hahaha. I think ill wait awhile, get in super shape before I pop one of those babies out. My suggestion is get one of those baby buggies stroller, with the one wheel in front, two in back (not sure what there called) Find a nice night area, path or trail and go for a run. Nothing is better than a good run. Plus Jax can get a nice breeze from the ride.

  6. And not night area, that would be werid, a day area. Phones are not the best at typing.

  7. I hardly ever bake (not for health reasons - I'm just lazy like that :), but I made orange rolls the other day and I thought your joke was totally funny! :)

    Oh, Ali - PLEASE don't worry about it! You sound like you just have a crazy metabolism! I have totally had those weight fluctuations and seriously know exactly what you mean about the being embarassed about eating so much. In high school I danced all the time and ate way more than any of my friends, but was still tiny. This one guy totally teased me for it though and I started feeling weird about it, and became so self-conscious! It was the worst thing that could have happened. Now I definitely go through phases, and can tell when I do overeat, but I usually compensate throughout the rest of the day/week. All I can say is that you are beautiful! Enjoy nursing for what it is and try not to worry about what will happen when you stop (I know, easier said than done :). I nursed my kids for 2 yrs, 15 months, and 2 yrs, and I think if you're in tune with your body, you will adjust appropriately. Just try to listen to your body and focus on nutritious foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains) but don't restrict yourself on the treats. I mean, you don't want to feel gross after, but there's nothing wrong with still having your cinnamon rolls! (Maybe eat one right away and one that night? :) I just really do not think you should start being calorie conscious. Calorie counting has it's place, but not for a slender nursing mom! :) I really think you will be fine. Worrying about it is your biggest enemy. Just make sure you're getting the nutrients you need to take care of you and Jax, and enjoy food - it's meant to be enjoyed! Good luck! :)

    And back to the nursing - again, don't worry about what anyone else thinks. If you really aren't loving it, then don't feel pressure to keep going. BUT if the only "not love" :) part is because of your fear of gaining weight, forget about that and do whatever feels best for you and Jax!

    K, sorry for the novel - I know we've hardly ever even talked, but I'd be happy to anytime :)

    I think all of these have already been mentioned but some good snacks are popcorn, pretzels, whole wheat crackers, pb and toast, string cheese, yogurt, nuts. Obviously these vary significantly in protein and calories, so when you're feeling munchy but not terribly hungry, the popcorn and pretzels would be a good choice, whereas when you are really hungry, the yogurt, cheese, and handful of nuts are a great option. :)


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