Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Months?!!

Time. seriously. slow. down.

Jax turned ten months on the 26th. This post is a little late. We've been a little busy around here. You know...going to the lake for Memorial Day, getting a kitten, giving away the kitten, etc.

McKay and I have been talking about how big Jax has gotten just in the last month. He is standing up and letting go, he laughs at us when we say "no, no" and he is saying "maam." He makes us smile, and laugh every single day. Jaxers is my little best friend. Every day I look at his cute little face and melt. I feel so blessed to be his mommy. It truly is the best thing in the world.

Ten Months

Loves to eat strawberries and watermelon
Says "mama,""dada" and "baa" (ball)
Climbs up our pant legs and stands up
Lets go of things ALL the time and stands up all by himself!
Loves chasing the kitty
Gets very very excited when his daddy comes home
Loves being outside
Is starting to learn to go DOWN the stairs
Is very naughty in Relief Society! haha
Loves to read books and turn the pages all by himself
Always wants his Aunt Lexi
Loves to grap people's glasses
Loves to head-but (it hurts but it's worth it because he is so cute!)
Likes to play in sand and water
Loves to find and pick up big rocks!
Loves to find rolls of toilet paper rolls mom forgets to put up and shred them
Loves flowers
Loves to be chased
Pushes his balls all by himself and crawls after them
Loves Cream of Wheat with yogurt
Still likes to throw the tampons everywhere
Is still learning what the word "soft" means
Likes to pull everything out of cupboards/drawers
Most favorite cupboards are the bathroom ones!
Gives mom lots of hickeys while teething
Still sleeps by mommy and daddy-but in the crib for naps
Sleeps way longer on his tummy
Still only has bottom two teeth- has been teething for the last few months though!
Knows what "no, no" means, but just laughs or crawls faster when we say it! haha
Holds our cheeks and gives KISSES!
Loves the swings at the park- lasts for about five minutes
Throws fits-arches his back and kicks his legs
Still had a newborn cry
Bangs his head on my shoulder when his teeth hurt
Cutest chubby little hands in the world

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  1. Holy cow I can't believe how big he is getting!! We need to see you guys again. When we move into our house will you please come visit? :)

    And ps, I just got an Angel Care monitor and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Jackson started sleeping on his tummy and being the paranoid first time mom that I am couldn't stand it. I seriously checked on him every five minutes to make sure he was still breathing. Anyway, maybe that would help you with him sleeping in another room??? I don't know. I don't know if you even want him to. Ha. But I love mine so I thought I'd pass it on :)


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