Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tomorrow our Jaxers will be nine months. NINE MONTHS. That is almost a year. Will I really have a one year old in three months?

Anyways, I am not a good journal keeper. Actually, my blog is my ONLY journal-type-thing that I keep! I thought I should document where I'm at. You know, the day-to-day things of my life, just so I don't forget about how I was in April of 2012 when my Jaxers was nine months old.


Today I woke up right as McKay was leaving for work- probably at about 7:40. Jax was still asleep and was sleeping in the weirdest position. He does this thing now where he pushes his face against the mesh of the pack-and-play and sleeps like that. I think that it feels like he is close to something- like when we are holding him and he's sleeping. Oh, and the reason that he is still in that thing is because his nursery is all the way down the hall and I am scared. Even with a monitor I am scared that I wouldn't see/hear something. I can't even think of when I may be ready or him to be in his crib. Probably never. Anyways, I rushed to shower and get ready because Jax had his nine-month check-up at 10:20. Right when I finished, he woke up. I put him the the bath. I love kissing his little shoulders and face right before I put him in the bath. He still has peach fuzz like when he was a newborn (and I always check that it's still there). He stands up in the bath a lot now. I try to always say "no, Jax" and sit him down, but he still does it. He crawls around and everything in there too. Today his face went underwater because he slipped and he was SO brave! He didn't even cry! I wiped his face off and he went back to playing! I got him dressed and he was kind of whiny. I don't know why, but in the last month he has started fighting me when I change his diaper and get him dressed. I think I handed him lotion or something and he was fine. Then, we went downstairs to eat. I made him and myself cereal (not the same kind) because I was in a hurry. I kinda thought that he wouldn't eat his if he could see mine, but I was crossing my fingers that he would eat easy today since I didn't time-plan very well. He didn't! Haha of course! I gave him tiny bites of my cereal and then a huge bite of his. When he was done, he used his wrist to spread the cereal in his face, all over his forehead, ear,s and hair. The usual. I just laughed. He is so cute. I changed his shirt, put him in the car seat and we left. He fell asleep on the way, but woke up when I took him out. Appointment went fine. I am still waiting for his tear duct to totally clear out. And he has dry patches on his skin that I need to put hydrocortisone on...that is all! I filled out a sheet about his development. I realized that he is perfect in everything, except he does not "Stop what he is doing, at least for a second, when he hears 'No,no" haha. He IS the naughty child in Relief Society.
We got home and ate strawberries and relaxed until McKay got home from work. I was really happy that I finished folding the massive pile of laundry yesterday, or I would have been doing that. Jax fell asleep for a little bit, but not long. McKay got home, watched soccer, I fed Jax lunch (and McKay). Then I played with Jax. This was the BEST part of the day, so far (it is only 2:58). Jax gave me KISSES! We were crawling and I was chasing him and he kept giving me kisses. They were a little painful because he bit me a lot, but I loved them! It was one of the happiest moments of my entire life...really it was! I was thinking about how it was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. After that, I couldn't stop eating him up! We played, cuddled and crawled and now we are downstairs because Jax was eating Graham Crackers. But he got tired...

I love my Jax.

Today is a regular day in my life. The only difference is that today I am very lazy because I cleaned the upstairs and downstairs already so I have no cleaning to do. Usually I have more to do. Usually, on days like this I feel bad at the end of the day because I feel like I did nothing, but today I don't feel like that because at least I showered and went somewhere. There have been times when I didn't shower. Oh! and Chad is coming over later so I get to do help with his homework. See...I am doing things today... ha. ha.

Someday, when life changes I want to read this and know that I am so happy in my life. I have never felt like this before. There are things I need to learn, lots to work on and lots of challenges, but I really am so so happy. I love waking up and picking up Jax (in the MORNING). I love taking care of him all day. I love when McKay walks through the door after work. I love decorating our little house. I am content. For now...until I feel like Jax needs a sibling (don't worry McKay, I am content right now...)


And...Jax is awake!


  1. this is lovely. i read every word! i really felt that way on monday too. i just couldn't stop beaming thinking about how lucky i've been over the last year. i cannot even imagine, though, that pure joy that jax coming into your life has brought you. gosh, i spend too many hours every day just daydreaming about future kiddos. you're a beautiful girl, and a beautiful mama!

  2. Oh don't mind meee...just browsing (creeping) your old posts. You quite possibly could be the cutest momma on the planet! ;)


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