Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nine Months!

Nine months today! Holy cow...time needs to stop. In the last month, Jax has just GROWN. Not so much physically, but developmentally. He can do SO MANY new things! I'm sure I will keep adding to this list as I think of them. I sure love my baby boy. He is so fun and so sweet. He is my little best friend and he makes me so happy every day. 

Nine Months

Loves to be in the bath- when he hears the water running, he starts whining to get in!
Is learning that standing in the bath is a "no, no"
Loves his rubber animals to play with in the bath
Is not afraid of the water! I pour water over his head every day when I wash his hair and he just closes his eyes!
Crawls around in the bath water
Crawls away from us (or runs in his play thing) really fast when we say "I'm going to get you!!"
Climbs up the stairs, tries to DIVE down them
Loves strawberries and oranges
Favorite snack: Puffs Strawberry & Apple
Follows me when I walk to the laundry room
Hates his car seat...still
Grabs onto our pants and pulls himself up- it's so cute!
Walks while we hold his hands
Is just starting to let go when he is standing, holding onto something
He stood for about three seconds!
LOVES LOVES LOVES his aunts Lexi and Laci
Favorite toys are anything he is not supposed to play with
Loves doorstoppers, cords, and strings
Hates getting his diaper changed and getting dressed
Falls asleep between 10:00 and 12:00
Wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30
Dad is his favorite person!
Loves to play with mom's earrings
Spreads food all over his face when he is done (and hair and ears)
Pulls on his ear- not an ear infection, so must be a comfort thing
Will usually start laughing when we laugh
Copies us when we make a sound
Loves ball and trucks and other things with wheels
Wakes up happy most of the time- I love seeing him standing and smiling in his pack & play
Will not last in his bouncer anymore
He is a CUDDLER-he lays on us and cuddles all the time! It's the BEST
Sucks on mom's shoulder and gives her hickeys
Stares at strangers and smiles if they talk to him
Very friendly
Very, VERY sweet- he is always concerned when someone is sad and will crawl to them
Cries when mom and dad wrestle
Laughs and flaps his arms kicks when daddy gets home from work
Loves to play in the pots and pans cupboard

Now, get ready for lots of pictures of my cute nine-monther!

I love when does this!

Favorite toy: the door stopper

How could I not constantly kiss this face?

Feeding himself...
LOVES Avocados!
In his you can see...

Whatever works...haha

This is how he crawls across our rough wool hurts his knees I think...haha
McKay and I were laughing so hard when he started doing this. 

Uh-oh! We have a little stair-climber!!

He is so good at it! He just CLIMBED them one day! 

Cute boy!

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  1. haha! such a cutie. loved that you shared photos of him making messes...that's the best.


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